Monday, February 21, 2011

Capital, Coffee, and Commode

Due to my lack of blogging, y'all had no idea that LegoMan and I went on a 5-day trip to Washington, D.C. with his 6th grade class last November.

You also wouldn't have known that we:

1. Had a GREAT time

2. Had cupcakes from the infamous Georgetown Cupcake (and, no, I didn't wait in line for hours for them....somebody else did)

3. LegoMan, and a few other classmates, woke up with a horrible stomach bug THE MORNING of our last day. Thankfully, for most of them, the bad parts of the virus were over by the time we left for the airport.

Facts about me that friends in real life know: I LOVE coffee and I am a *little* germ-o-phobic.

So, imagine my surprise when I arrived in our Washington, D.C. hotel room and saw THIS:

Dear Hampton Inn,

Coffee pots DO NOT go in bathrooms.


The Greek Girl

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frozen Vapor

I live in the SOUTH.

If I wanted to live where frozen precipitation falls from the sky, I would move there.

I don't want to.

However, the Lord had it in His plan to provide His people in the South with, not one, but TWO snow/ice events in the last month.

For me, it's TOO much........and the kids, it's not enough.

My winter "cup" runneth over and I am ready for Spring. Bring on the pollen and tornado warnings. Seriously.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Other Side


Janet Jackson sang about it.

Everyone wants it.

Nobody wants to give it up.

Especially me.

I mentioned having an MRI in one of my recent posts,and, basically, it revealed a degenerative disc in my lower spine. Also in that area I have some inflammation resulting in lower back and leg pain. The doctor recommended a few things including physical therapy, medications and a series of nerve blocks.


Yesterday I went for my first nerve block. I wasn't worried about the procedure itself, I was MORE worried about someone else sedating me. Seriously, THAT was my biggest anxiety. I am usually the sedater, not the sedatee.

The nurse started my IV, gave me some "relaxing" medicine, wheeled me into the procedure room, and had me position myself on the table. I remember it all. Next, I look at the anesthesiologist start pushing the IV sedative.....the last thing I remember saying was, "now don't give me too much of that."

Control much?