Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1980's Flashback....or should I say Flashdance?!

I realize I have not posted on my blog in almost a month due to busyness and lack of inspiration. However, that has all changed this evening.

I am up late waiting for some of my Thanksgiving vittles to cool off before putting them in the fridge. In my state of tiredness and boredom I came across this video, which had me in stitches!! Some of you will relate.....some of you won't!


Teresa said...

That made me a little misty. I will admit that I never knew about those pop wheel shoes. Had I been informed I would have surely demanded a pair.

Thanks for the memories! Those were the good old days. I vividly remember sitting in my dorm room playing "We Didn't Start The Fire" over and over again until I learned every word. I was such a loser.

Heather said...

Glad to see a new post, but I want to see some pics of the kiddos. Funny video...I remember some of that stuff:-) Are y'all in for the 15th? Kids are invited. Fort and Kathy are coming.