Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Bang Theory

So you all remember learning about the Big Bang Theory in high school, right?

Well, the Princess and I had a discussion about a different "Bang Theory" and it went a little something like this:

Me: "Princess, I've got you an appointment to get your hair cut next week."

P: "I think I want to get my hair cut short again for school."

Me: "Ok, but you need to decide if you really want it short again because I thought you said you were growing it out."

P: "Well, I think I want it short again" [LONG pause] "Mom, how do you get bangs? I mean, when I had them when I was little did you, like, get them for me or where did I get them?"

Me: [mouth open, blank stare] "Princess, the lady that cuts your hair makes them from your hair."

P: "Oh!" [takes large wad of hair from the front of her head and places it over her face] "So, like, she would cut all of this really short?"

Me: "Not exactly THAT much of your hair. Just a little bit from the front."

P: [LONG pause] "Wait, so what do you do if you don't want your bangs anymore?"

Me: [insert a little laughing] "Ummm, you have to grown them back out again. Like we did when you were little."

P: "Oh!"

For those of you who knew me back in the day.....I am no expert on Big Bangs; however, I certainly cornered the market on BAD bangs:

Will the Princess stay with a cleaned up version of this:

Or go back to this:

Stay tuned........

**UPDATE*** May I present the Princess and her new do (complete with a few wispy bangs):

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Rewind

*knock* *knock* *knock* Anybody still here??

We are on the final 3 week countdown until school starts......well, the hubby and I might be the only one counting down.

Our summer has been quite busy around here, it's been filled with GOOD, BAD, and UGLY! (warning: LOTS of photos)


The kids have spent most of the summer in the pool on a summer swim team. They swam 4 days a week and competed in a few meets. Both won several ribbons in their events and Lego-Man made the summer All Star swim team! I am a proud swim mom!!

We also took some time out for visiting family. It's always a good time when the littlest cousins get together for a week. It is non-stop F-U-N.

The local Princess turned the big 9. It's her last year of single digits.....*gasp*


The biggest bad news of the summer involved this sweet face:

And these cute boys:

As some of you may remember, last year's birthday present was tickets to see the Jonas Brothers. Earlier in the summer we found out her favorite boy band was going to be touring again this fall. The Princess begged for two more tickets for he birthday. I bought them and made plans for a fabulous weekend in Nashville with one of my favorite peeps and her daughter.

On the Princess' very birthday, I received an email that informed me of the JoBros canceling 20 venues, including Nashville (so they could add tour dates in South America????). Insert Sad Trombone Needless to say, I was waiting on a call from Team Jonas to inform my sweet girl of their poor decision making skills. We are still waiting on that phone call.

After receiving the bad news, the Princess settled on a birthday bike....complete with a pouch for her Mp3 player to blare on a speaker. Because the 9 year old needs ONE more distraction while riding her bike.

On another bad note, Lego-Man's summer hairdo strongly resembles Justin Bieber's. Oh baby, puhhleeze.

(FYI, the hairdo situation has since been rectified by the nice lady at Sports Clips.)


My little sister and I had an encounter with aliens the Mac Photo Booth:

(Who knew my sister was Janice the Muppet)

We've had a really great summer here at the GRITS house. How about you??