Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Bang Theory

So you all remember learning about the Big Bang Theory in high school, right?

Well, the Princess and I had a discussion about a different "Bang Theory" and it went a little something like this:

Me: "Princess, I've got you an appointment to get your hair cut next week."

P: "I think I want to get my hair cut short again for school."

Me: "Ok, but you need to decide if you really want it short again because I thought you said you were growing it out."

P: "Well, I think I want it short again" [LONG pause] "Mom, how do you get bangs? I mean, when I had them when I was little did you, like, get them for me or where did I get them?"

Me: [mouth open, blank stare] "Princess, the lady that cuts your hair makes them from your hair."

P: "Oh!" [takes large wad of hair from the front of her head and places it over her face] "So, like, she would cut all of this really short?"

Me: "Not exactly THAT much of your hair. Just a little bit from the front."

P: [LONG pause] "Wait, so what do you do if you don't want your bangs anymore?"

Me: [insert a little laughing] "Ummm, you have to grown them back out again. Like we did when you were little."

P: "Oh!"

For those of you who knew me back in the day.....I am no expert on Big Bangs; however, I certainly cornered the market on BAD bangs:

Will the Princess stay with a cleaned up version of this:

Or go back to this:

Stay tuned........

**UPDATE*** May I present the Princess and her new do (complete with a few wispy bangs):


Rachel said...

Her new 'do is ADORABLE!!! Wow, I wish my hair looked that cute!!!

jennifer said...

The bangs suit her! I like her new do.

The Source said...

The princess looks lovely and so grown up with her beautiful new hairdo!