Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sent with love

We've decided the magic number for owning a cell phone in our house is 13.

*insert gasping sound from an 11 and 9 year old*

I realize that does not make us the coolest parents on the block but, ummmmm, we don't care.

However, like any normal child over the age of 5, both of my kids know how to send and retrieve text messages on our phones.

LegoMan recently acquired the hubby's retired iPhone, minus the SIM card, which renders it as an iPod Touch. FYI, there is an app to send free text messages via Wi-Fi connections.

I had the Princess with me on a recent visit to the Hair Whisperer. While getting my hair did, I heard my phone beep for an incoming text message. The Princess quickly volunteered to field my message. She informed me it was LegoMan and said she would send him a message back. I heard her send a couple of messages and that was it.

What do two siblings who love each other so much text to one another.....see for yourself.

I'm so proud.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Labrador Diaries -- Volume 4

The last time we made an appearance in Blogville, we were recovering from our surgery that made us more neutral, non-puppy bearing beasts animals.

We are happy to announce we've made a full recovery and are at the top of our puppy game!

The smaller humans have completely welcomed us into their fun-size pack:

Before it got to be as hot as blue blazes we spent some time working on our tans:

However, one our favorite summer memories will be playing in the little green pond:

The Alpha Dog has put us to work.....something about earning our keep. We help fold clothes for food:

Speaking of food, we've had a brief taste of fresh meat.....so brief, it got away from both of our mouths!

Meet THE enemy:

Oh, we know he or she looks cute, but that doesn't stop us from trying to get one more taste of this little delicacy.

The humans have tried dragging us inside during the HOT summer, but once we see our little "friend" scurry down that tree, we absolutely MUST go back outside! We MUST!

Recently our people have been disappearing all day again. That's ok because we love playing in our big yard. We have a lot of shade and we are still working on that hole to China, wherever that is.

The other day we even had a special guest pop in on us:

Meet our cute little neighbor "Bear". We guess he wanted to say hi, but when we ran over to greet him, he disappeared back into his yard.

He probably thinks the grass is greener in our yard!

We think so!

Until next time.......



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School Blues

School Year 2010-11 is underway! We got back into the swing of all things school this past Wednesday. I officially have a 6th and 4th grader in my home.



Where does the time go?

It seems like yesterday each were graduating from Kindergarten.

And now look where we are:

LegoMan has graduated from hanging out with the elementary kids in the cafeteria before school, to hanging with his buddies in the gym:

And the Princess has her books and new bangs ready for a new school year:

Happy New School Year, y'all!