Monday, May 31, 2010

The Labrador Diaries -- Volume 3

If curiosity killed the cat.....then what does it do to Labradors???

The Alpha-Dog was out with this container pouring water on her plants....guess what, it's not just for plants! It's an upside down water bowl and we LOVED it!

Sophie: The little girl left this on the couch. After several attempts at making it mine, the humans let me wear it around for a bit. It looks prettier than it feels.

Allie: I LOVE the taste of the plants in our backyard. I wasn't sure if the humans would notice some of the branches missing on the plants. The Alpha-Dog did...I don't think she saw me hiding from her?!

Last Wednesday, we finally got to go for a ride in one of those big things with wheels! We loved it so much. The man human left us at this little yellow building and we even got to spend the night. When he came back to pick us up, our bellies hurt and we had to wear these ridiculous things everyday! We are the laughing stock of the house and our backyard. The dog next door, just couldn't seem to get hold of himself as we made our debut in the yard.

We do not like the cone of shame!

Meet our newest hero, Doug:

We've only been allowed to go outside for just a few minutes. No chasing squirrels, no running amok, and absolutely no rough's orders. We've been living life in the slow lane and behind bars:

Don't tell the Alpha-Dog this, but we sure will be glad when we get these ridiculous radar dishes off our head and are back protecting our outdoor domain! We're almost certain she's enjoyed having us inside all day long on her 4 day weekend.....or not.


Amy J. McCart said...

LOL! :)
love the pictures. Priceless! :)

Amy :)

jennifer said...

I could SO hear the voice of the dog saying "I do not like the cone of shame." Ha!

Rachel said...

Cone of Shame was the best part of that movie...and it's a great movie!