Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home School Much? No thanks.

So, yesterday I had a day off.....I slept in until 8AM, I had no plans for the day. I was minding my own business, watching the Today Show and sipping on a delicious cup of hot coffee....when my phone rang.


"Hi Mama"

"Hi Princess, what's the matter?"

"My stomach hurts."

"It does?"

"Yes ma'am. My teacher gave me some Pepto, but it still hurts."

Never mind the rest of the conversation except this, "Princess, tell your teacher I am on the way to get you and that you need all of your school work for today."

I picked up the Princess, her hurting stomach, and her full backpack from school around 10AM. I quickly assessed the situation and knew there was no immediate danger of stomach problems, so we took a detour on the way home to Hobby Lobby. We had to get all the supplies needed for a t-shirt book report project due this Friday.

We got home, the Princess quickly threw her backpack down, plopped on the couch and almost immediately informed me there was nothing to watch on TV. I told her it didn't matter because the TV was being turned off because she had school work that needed to be done.

I believe there was an loud HUFF-ing sound as I made her sit down at the table to begin Mama's Home School for the "sick".

We did math sheets, science, grammar and got most of her t-shirt project done. Of course, I'm not sure who was tortured more by Mama's Home or her.

For those of you who home school and to those that are called to teach.....BLESS YOU and THANK YOU!

(FYI, we've seen the doctor about the Princess and her stomach. No 8 year old child was harmed in the writing of this post.)


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Her TEACHER gave her PEPTO? Really? Teachers are allowed to give the kids meds? Uh, not cool! Glad she's OK!

Cheryl said...

Brings back memories. My dad and mom were off work and they tried to keep it quite. I called home sick and dad was to pick me up. I sat in the office for 3 hours and was sent straight to bed once home.

Never did that again. Back then we didn't have TV in bedrooms and our toys were in the play room.

Shirley said...

I had a little giggle over this. Homeschool isn't as structured as regular school. We play Yahtzee in the middle of the day for math, read grammar story books for English, goof off on spelling city and I don't give tests. When I am testing knowledge I keep the word test out of the vocabulary. It's a lot more fun than the notes the teacher used to leave me. :) :) It's just a different learning style.

Jenny86753oh9 said...

LOL! I get the HUFFing over homework so I can't imagine how bad it would be if I home schooled those boys!

Rachel said...

Tee hee...poor girl. Her day off didn't feel like that for or her! Poor YOU.

The Source said...

I remember when teachers could give aspirin, tummy meds, etc. Around here these days the only thing the school is "allowed" to do is hand a child a band-aid. Seriously. They won't even give a kid a baggie of ice for a bump on the noggin. Because someone might get freezer burnt, I guess.

We just finished the first year of homeschooling with our twins (6th grade). One of them sits nicely at the kitchen table and completes all assignments in a timely manner. Just like he did in regular school. The other? Whines and moans, complains and groans, thinks up every excuse in creation to put things off for a while. Or until tomorrow. Or next Tueday. Or how about never?

So I did what any other mean mom would do: I took away every lego brick he owns until he either: A. Decided to do his work without endless debating. or B. Declared that he needed no further education AND found a JOB.

Oddly enough, no one wants to pay a 12 year old boy with a 6th grade education 10 dollars and hour to build creative lego-scapes for his own pleasure while watching cartoons. Imagine! He didn't want to clean toilets or mops floors or dig ditches either. Or squirt ketchup onto a bun. Or shovel dog poo. Seems he has no other choice but to sit down and do his school work.

The world is cruel and unjust!