Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sent with love

We've decided the magic number for owning a cell phone in our house is 13.

*insert gasping sound from an 11 and 9 year old*

I realize that does not make us the coolest parents on the block but, ummmmm, we don't care.

However, like any normal child over the age of 5, both of my kids know how to send and retrieve text messages on our phones.

LegoMan recently acquired the hubby's retired iPhone, minus the SIM card, which renders it as an iPod Touch. FYI, there is an app to send free text messages via Wi-Fi connections.

I had the Princess with me on a recent visit to the Hair Whisperer. While getting my hair did, I heard my phone beep for an incoming text message. The Princess quickly volunteered to field my message. She informed me it was LegoMan and said she would send him a message back. I heard her send a couple of messages and that was it.

What do two siblings who love each other so much text to one another.....see for yourself.

I'm so proud.


jennifer said...

Ha! That could happen at our house. I love her response :)

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

ahw what love!

I'm guesssing we are way not cool then..cause my theory is if you want it you buy and really why do you need yet..it's not like I don't already know where you are at all times..

13? your being generous.
Tell them you know of a 12 who won't be getting one till he buys it with his own JOB money..more like 15..signed very uncool mom ;)

Irene said...

That was cute! Both girls have a mobile (they are 15 and 13) but I must say I am always on the look out for what is being exchanged via messages or the msn... Still, they were the last ones to get an msn link or a mobile in their class, which I suppose is some gratification. Well done, mom!

Jessica said...

I didn't get a cell phone until I turned 16 and the only reason I had it was because I was driving. And it had NO text messaging!
...and yes I realize that just made me sound like the grumpy old man talking about walking 10 miles, uphill, in the snow to the bus stop! lol!

littletoesandcheerios said...

I have a t-shirt that says GRITS...would you want it?

Mama Hen said...

Its hard to understand the sibling relationship, isn't it? :)