Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Daze

As you may know, we've been back in school for about a month.

What a L-O-N-G month it's been!!

We weren't even in school two weeks before I got the dreaded "Your son's had an accident and I think he might need stitches" phone call. And he did, four of them. Thankfully, the wound was right in his eyebrow line and the scar is barely visible.

Our afternoons are now filled with homework and swim practice. And did I mention the homework?!

I must say this has been a turning point in our household for the dreaded post-school work. Don't get me wrong....I am NOT complaining much. We have just had to get used to hitting the books a little bit harder now.

And staying awake during studying is important, too:

At what age do kids realize if they would just sit down and do their work, without dilly-dallying, they would be done sooner?? *shrug*

We are all hanging in there, so far.

The Princess is hoping she can just get by on her good looks and fashion sense alone:

I'd give her an "A"......wouldn't you?!


jennifer said...

She gets an A from me! I'm sorry about Lego Man's head. We've gotten the head injury call already too for The Boy but his didn't involve stitches - just a goose egg. What's up with our boys??

I hope y'all really get into the swing of things soon.

Roll Tide!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

ha! you know i so understand ;)

The Source said...

Poor Lego Man! I hope he's healing well and still able to get in the pool for some swim practice!