Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Screen Singin’


This is American Idol and it’s Movie Night for our Top 7.  We are down to two lovely ladies and five young men.

And bringing the *BLING* to the show, we have Paula Abdul in her flashy rhinestone cowboy halter dress something or other.  Oh, and wow, Simon has branched out once again in a WILD and cRaZy smoky gray sweater.

Our contestants are brining us songs from the cinema and the celebrity helper this week is Quentin Tarantino.  Hmph, I had no idea he could help people with music skillz. 


Let’s get right to it:


ALLISON--“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.  Oooh, I love Aerosmith.  I think she will rock the house with this one.  Does anyone else notice her hair and pants match?  Kind of a slow start, but she’s bringing the house down on the chorus.  The judges loved her and think she could be in the final 2.


ANOOP— “Everything I Do, I Do it for You”.   Oh, people, I just don’t think he’s got this song in him.   This might have been a bit better had he come out with a feather in his hat and green tights on.  I was going to bet money he was going with a “Grease” song based on his wardrobe selection.    It was ok for me, the judges liked it.


ADAM—“Born to Be Wild”.  Ya’ think?!  Ahem.  Ok, it’s quite clear that this boy has a set of pipes on him.  And he rocked his version of the song.  The judges will love it and he will move on….possibly to the finals.  And what is Paula babbling about, something about fortune and bravery.  Simon compared it to a Rocky Horror song. 


MATTHEW—“Love A Woman”.  Wow, have I missed that he can play the piano?!  His facial expressions are killing me….looks like he’s overdue for his pain medication.  Eeekkk, missed some notes in the middle.  Not looking good for Matthew.  I’m gonna have to throw him in the bottom three.  Judges agree it’s not one of his best performances.


DANNY—“Endless Love”.  Ok, I’m shouting from the rooftop that he is my FAVORITE!  And I suspect he will do this song a little more justice than my college buddies did it karaoke style.    He sang it with heart and I liked it.  I don’t think it was his strongest performance, but I’m a dedicated fan.  The judges liked it but thought he could have done more to make it his own. 


Kris-“Falling Slowly”.  I’m admitting I have no idea what song this is (I clearly don’t get out much).  *YAWN*  *Snore*  Zzzzzzz……*drool*  I think I need some caffeine.  Randy faulted him for picking and obscure song and Kara loved it.  I’m screaming “NEXT!”


TV TIMEOUT.  Can I just interject here: 

Creepy Burger King + Spongebob  +  Sir Mix-A-Lot  =  HUGE Commercial Failure




Lil Rounds—“The Rose”.  Girlfriend is bringing some soul to the stage tonight.  WOW!  She is doing great, I think.  Paula loved her and Simon shot sweet Lil down. 




There were a lot of good performances tonight.


Top 3:  Allison, Adam and Danny

Bottom 3: Kris, Matthew, Anoop

Going home:  Kris


Whatcha’ think, AI peeps?!  For more reviews on the Top 7 head on over to BooMama’s house HERE.


Muthering Heights said...

I really hate that commercial...so dumb...

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Danny is my FAVORITE! Loved his version of Endless Love. I thought Kris was good tonight. I've been back and forth with him. Same with Anoop, liked him tonight, hasn't been consistent.
I think Lil or Matt will go home.

Smoochiefrog said...

I agree with your top 3.

That Burger King commercial makes me want to claw my eyes/ears out.

Kacie said...

Ok, I totally disagree with you about kris, but I think that everyone that LOVED Kris's performance have seen the movie that it's from - Once. I put a youtube video of the real composers playing the song on my review...

Sturgmom said...

I think I actually like Danny, Kris, and Matt for the Top 3. I'm NOT a Lil fan. I think she'll be bottom 3 tonight.

Kirby3131 said...

My family owned a BK franchise for over 30 years - I've almost always hated Burger King commercials, but this has got to be at the top of the heap for BAD. I can't push mute fast enough.

AI was pretty good this week. I like it when the crowd thins down, it holds my attention. I was sure Lil was going home this week. Guess not.