Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Day at Sea

Tuesday, we spent the ENTIRE day at sea. No land in site at all, just this:

the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

We started our day off with a delicious breakfast in one of the ships dining rooms, instead of the breakfast buffet on the Lido Deck. Why you may ask? Because you can't get Eggs Benedict on the Lido Deck. We also found out that the sit down meal is quicker than the buffet line.

So what do you do all day when you spend the entire day at sea?! First you study your "Carnival Capers. Your daily guide to FUN." There is something for everybody going on ALL the time. Bingo, trivia games, ice carvings, hairy chest competitions, and kids activities at Camp Carnival.

And NO we did not witness or partake in the hairy chest competition! However, we did see the video play back in our cabin. *shivers*

We spent a couple hours out by the pool. Me soaking up the suns rays and the hubby reading a book in the shade. All while both kids played in the pool and on the big slide:

Here's where my point of peak irritation surfaced. When we got to the pool deck to find a spot to settle down, I noticed a whole lot of lounge chairs with magazines and towels on them, but no person in sight.

It took me a second to figure out that these selfish people had saved themselves chairs all while they were probably eating breakfast or sleeping in!! Of course, the "Fun Capers" clearly mentions this under the header "Lido Deck Etiquette". So not everybody on a cruise ship can read....or more likely, could care less. *stepping off soap box*

But look at all the fun the kids had in the pool:

After lunch, the kids decided to spend a couple of hours at Camp Carnival and the grown ups found a nice shady spot on the deck to do a little reading. Ok, I'll admit it, I just looked at the pictures in my magazines, but it was still relaxing!

Before our "formal" dinner, we attended the Captain's Welcome Reception. We were introduced to the ship's entire crew.

We decided "formal" for our family would be Sunday dress. There was a WIDE variety of "formal" wear, including a few in tuxedos and formal wear.

Dinner was a huge success for everyone when we found lobster on the menu. That is the one thing Lego-Man hoped he would have at least once.

We dress them up AND take them out:

And, of course, no day at sea would be complete without our towel animal for the day:

A pig (we think).

Tomorrow will be our day in Cozumel, Mexico! Stay tuned....


The Southern Family said...

I am so enjoying this and re-living the memories of my cruise. Ahhhh. It's the best way to vacation.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

The water looks beautiful! It sounds like you had such a relaxing time...

Lianne said...

Mmmmmm...cruise food is yummy. I love the towel animals. We had a few that were questionable of origin, too...like, "Is that an elephant or a dog?"

The Source said...

Awww...it looks like you're all having an amazing time! I would have picked up those rude chair-savers towels and magazines and chunked them over the side of the boat! I love the towel animals! When our kids were smaller we spent at a resort where a "dolphin" would come and bring them brownies and milk and tuck them in at night. Kind of weird, but they loved it.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Mama Belle said...

Total jealousy here. Enjoy!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Glad you are having a fun time, Tammy! Everyone always posts the animal towel pics. It's a cruise requirement.