Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round and round

Yesterday, the wheels on the bus "cheese wagon" took me and the Princess, along with other parents and 4th graders to our state Capital......on a cold and rainy day. I am sick of cold. I am sick of rain.

The wipers swished.....the doors opened and closed.....the people went up and down.....and so on.

I think the only thing left out in that song was the part where the kid on the back of the bus got motion sick and upchucked on the bus, whose windows were all closed because of the cold and rain.

No, wait, another part of the song was left out......the part where, during the upchucking, the kid behind me was eating Ranch Doritos out of a can.

Get a visual if you can. Not going for the olfactory sense here.....just the visual.

I am pretty sure I could not have paid anyone on that bus $50 to trade seats with me. Nobody.

Just so you get THAT other visual out of your head, here's a picture of the 4th grade Princess:

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Tracy Bentley said...

I hope you enjoy the state capital. We are going down spring break week. The governor is my husbands second cousin - so we are going to try to make an appointment to see him.