Saturday, January 19, 2008

The White Stuff.....

Well, we woke up a little disappointed in the Isbell household this morning. We went to bed with the hopes of finding 1-2" of snow on the ground, as predicted by our favorite weatherman. Instead, we found our yard in the same condition we left it in last night.....brown and wet. *sigh*

The kids watched the weather forecast and heard the weatherman state the snow would begin arriving around 3 AM. So what do you think those two did??? They got up sometime near 3AM, coincidentally, to check the status of the weather. To their dismay there was no snow falling, so they went back to bed....thank goodness they didn't wake up the old folks sleeping down the hall!!

I must admit that I was just as disappointed when I got up this morning and looked out the window. I had checked all the weather forecasts before heading to bed and all the reports were certain we were going to have some precipitation. All the disappointment turned into excitement as Mother Nature allowed the snow to begin falling around 8:30 this morning for about 2 hours. Before we knew it there were two children in pajamas outside enjoying the snowfall. Despite the lack of precipitation, just the snow falling was enough for all of us. Madison just couldn't keep her mouth closed or her head down while outside. The last time we had snow falling in Tuscaloosa, she was probably a year or two old. So she was quite excited!

I heard the weatherman mention the chances for snow MAY come again sometime next week. Here's to hoping our chances are better, but until next time, the kids will remember the snowfall of Jan. 19, 2008! :-)

Here are a few photos:


Heather said...

We got some too, although it was too bright outside for Jackson to enjoy it, haha. We did get some pics of him though, so one day we can prove to him he's seen the white stuff.

Karen said...

Feel free to come visit anytime you want to see snow. So far this year I think we've gotten over 40 inches. We've got mountains of it piled all over the place! To bad I can't ship any of it to you!!