Friday, January 4, 2008

You say it's your birthday......

well, it's my friend's birthday too.....nuh nuh, nuh nuh..... oh never mind!

I realize I am going to pay a price for this post, but I am going to continue along with my plan anyway!

It all began back in the fall of 1986 in a small town called Marion, Alabama at a small Baptist women's school called Judson College. My freshman year I met a girl from Selma named Teresa (NOT to be spelled Theresa, which I quickly learned). I don't exactly remember how our paths crossed, but I am certain it was divine intervention.

She studied English and music, I played sports and studied science. She was Miss Judson, I was the Hockey Day Queen-- we both had crowns! She sang beautifully, I did not-- she often would say, "don't sing Panayiotou". She could dance up a storm, I still cannot.

Despite our obvious differences, we developed a friendship that has spanned time and distance over the last 20 years. We still go back to Judson, and each time we meet it's as though we were never apart. Although we don't talk or visit that often, we still have that bond of friendship. We keep up with each other via e-mail and now blogging. I am so glad Al Gore invented the internet! ;-) For a great read see my link to her blog: Livin the Wood life.

So, in honor of one of my oldest and dearest friends I posted this blog to tell her happy birthday. No, it's not a hallmark birthday for her....that would be next year! Since she would expect nothing less than obnoxious from me I decided to make Teresa a little video....I KNOW paybacks are rough. I'll just have to take my due when it comes.


Teresa said...

I'm laughing...I'm crying...I'm humliated and honored all at once. The hair! The shoulder pads! The hair! The fashion disasters! The hair!

I've had a pretty great birthday today but that, my friend, just put it over the top. I can't imagine my life without you in it and love you so much! Thanks for putting this together. It means the world to me even if it reveals what a dork I am.

You are the best Cubby! Now I'm off to price check scanners on I only have until April. : )

Angela said...

Dear Tammy,

I love it, I love it, I love it! I will be copy and pasting for years to come. I love that blue, flowery dress number. I know this was a lotta work and I appreciate your willingness to take the risk.

Teresa's Friend, Angela

Suellen said...

Oh my gosh 0-2 that was great! Like Teresa I was misty eyed seeing the old gang and laughed at the sight of us. If Judson did nothing else for us it did give us close friends for life. I feel the need for another trip with the group. We have really got to try and make it happen.