Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chatty Cathy

The Princess is a girl of many words...and there is NO telling what is going to come out of that little mouth of hers.

She pretty much talks from the minute she gets up until her eyes close for sleep at night. Any and every conversation with her is very dramatic animated. There is always a lot of facial expressions, hand gestures and usually some head bobbing.

When I pick her up from the carpool line, I basically get a run down of her complete day and everyone else in her classroom. I know which kid has step-parents and who gets in the most trouble each day. I know that her friend, C., has a step-sister that is "old....like 20 or something....I think". Yes, Princess, because 20 is OLD. Which makes your mother closely related to a fossil!

She is a thinker and asks a LOT of questions. All day. Every day.

True Story:
When the Princess was about 4 (F-O-U-R), she asked AND pointed, "do babies come out from up here or down there...because I don't know". SERIOUSLY!! I am not sure what my answer was, but I am positive it involved a quick change in the subject.

Fast forward to a ride in the car with my anatomy/physiology flash cards in the back seat....because I was in nursing grad. school. When I arrived at our destination and helped her out of the car, she had a flashcard in her hand and said, "see Mom, they (babies) come out from down here." I said, "well, what do you know".

She has not asked anything about babies since then. Phew!

I guess it stinks to have a Mom that's a nurse because, last week I held a family briefing on the Swine Flu pandemonium sickness. I discussed the importance of not sharing things at school and strongly reiterated WASHING YOUR HANDS frequently.

I also reminded them to take a little extra time in washing their hands. As a hint, I told them to wash their hands for about 15 seconds or through one verse of Happy Birthday!

Without missing a beat, the Princess wanted to know "to who" we would be singing Happy Birthday! LOL.

Today she wanted me to know that her teacher is "THE BEST tracer". I was puzzled by her word "tracer".

She said, "Mrs. H. borrowed Mrs. So&So's overhead so she could trace our heads on a black piece of paper."

She also informed me that her head traced on paper look "a lot like George Washington's head".

Ohhhh-kay. Whatever.

I then realized she was telling me all about my Mother's Day present. So I asked , "what are you going to do with those tracings of your heads".

She got a funny grin on her face and said, "I can't tell you".

And she didn't. Yet.


The Southern Family said...

Yours and mine are one in the same! LOL too funny.

Muthering Heights said...

I think I would have fainted over that flashcard scenario, LOL!!!

Deanna said...

That kind of reminds me of that cell phone commercial with the little girl who talks and talks from the moment she is born until she turns into a teenager and her Mom finally hands her a cell phone so she can talk to someone else too!

Papou said...

That's why my granddaughter is so very special and why she is loved so much.