Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stand, Sit, Kneel

This weekend I attended my very first Catholic wedding. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I knew it would involve some sitting, standing and kneeling.

As my friends and I settled in our pew, a celebrity was in our midst. Anybody recognize her?

Now do you recognize her:

Basically she sat three people down from me and I lost my focus like Dory in Finding Nemo!

However, the woman singing Ava Maria helped me refocus on the front of the church. That's because she started off singing quietly and when she got to the chorus I thought she was screaming in pain. I wanted to order her some Morphine STAT! Seriously, it was beautiful but the chorus was a lot of crescendo! (pulled that out of the ol' high school band crevice in my brain)

No disrespect to the Catholic people of the world, but the Baptist girl will never take the 25 minute wedding ceremony for granted ever again. If I am not mistaken, almost 13 years later, I think my wedding was 8 minutes. Oh, and lets not forget how thankful I am for the cushions on the pews at my church.

The beautiful ceremony was followed by a reception at one of the local country clubs. I've got three words for you from the reception: MASHED POTATO BAR.

'Nuff said. Just see for yourself:

This will totally be a recurring dish at all festivities I plan. Best. Idea. Ever. (Clearly, I don't get out much, so humor me here).

The bride's cake was also slap-yo-mama good. However, this little bowl of goodness was the highlight of my Saturday! That and seeing "Edna" and her HUGE sunglasses on my way out the door.


Muthering Heights said...

YUM!!! A mashed potato bar sounds AWESOME!!!

Lianne said...

Holy moly, those were some big ol' glasses! I bet she can see to Neptune in those things. Fry ants on the sidewalk, too...

I was a bridesmaid in an Episcopal Wedding when I was 6 months pregnant--in a red, backless, strapless, sleeveless gown. (How much do I LOVE that friend, I ask you!?!) That was very similar to a Catholic wedding. I had to kneel a couple of times, and nearly lost my dress getting back up one time. It was tragic/hysterical.

I have had the mashed potato bar somewhere, too! They did it a'la Coldstone Creamery, except under a heat lamp to keep the marble hot. I want one of those in my house!

Kirby3131 said...

A Mashed Potato Bar?!! Yuummm.

I've been to some pretty extensive ceremonies before. I wanted my wedding to be over 10 minutes. I think we eeked it out to 11. LOL

jennifer said...

A celebrity spotting!

My wedding was about the same length as yours. We kept it short and sweet.

Penni said...

You're still cracking me up with this. Thanks for the picture to compare.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You are cracking me up with Edna!
And my friend- the event planner- had a mashed potato bar at her wedding in November. Two words: Aw Some. It was amazing and in a martini glass like that, too!

And I would have known crescendo from Little Einsteins. Come on, now.

Lisa said...

A mashed potato bar is new to me, and sounds like something that I must experience.

I have been to many Catholic weddings. Try not being Christian and watching all of that standing, sitting, and kneeling...very odd to me and dare I say, boring.

Jewels said...

Hello Mrs. GRITS! I just recently started reading your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. I have to admit, I laughed out loud when reading about the Catholic wedding. My Protestant (non-denominational) wedding was 12 minutes, and every time one of my Catholic friends invites us to a wedding, we try very hard to make sure that we'll be sick/out of the country/in prison/etc. that weekend (whoops!)

Am I the only one who does not recognize your celebrity? Who is "Edna?" I thought she looked like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Source said...

OOoooooooo...mashed potato bar!! Yum. I could live off of potatoes.

Catholic weddings. My best friend had a Catholic wedding about 15 years ago and it was so beautiful! The church was like a cathedral and decorated as if Princess Diana were attending. But it lasted.So.So.SO.Looooong. I don't know how the bride made it through.

Kathi D said...

This li'l Baptist girl once attended a wedding officiated by four priests and an Archbishop! Talk about some kneeling! And then at halftime, er, I mean, between the wedding and the reception, the husband confessed that he thought he had left the coffeepot on at home, so we had to drive home (90 minutes roundtrip) to check and then come back.

They are still married. They knew there was no way out after all that officiating.