Monday, December 7, 2009


This little story certainly fits in the "huh?" category.

Today after school, I took my kids to purchase gifts for their classroom Christmas parties. We were at our all time favorite store......Tar-jay.....aka, Target.

We moseyed on back to the toy area to find each child a $10 gift, which is next to impossible, just for the record.

My son wanted to go to the Nerf and Lego aisles (and you wonder why we call him Lego-Man). And, of course, the Princess wanted to look on the Polly Pocket and Barbie aisles.

I felt comfortable leaving the boy two aisles over, so I took the Princess to the PINK toy zone. After about 5 minutes of pouring over EVERY Polly Pocket, the boy came over and found me. He muttered something about "somebody asked me for money".

He proceeded to tell me that a boy walked up to him and asked him for money. LegoMan told him "No" and walked away.

About that time, a boy about my size came down our aisle. He looked to be about 12 years old. LM informed me that was the kid who had just asked him for money. The kid walked right up to us and just stood there. I asked him if he needed something. He said, "no".

I took the kids down another aisle and the boy followed us.

We walked another aisle over.

He followed us.

I looked at him AGAIN, and asked him if he was following us.

He said, "no" and proceeded to look at the items on the aisle......BARBIE DOLLS!

I informed him that it was a bit odd he just followed us down two aisles and it was really strange a boy his age was on the Barbie aisle, alone.

I also told him he needed to find the adult he came to the store with and stop following people around. He then just shook his head "no" at me. I grabbed both my kids and headed to the front of the store.

The boy followed us all the way out of the toy area before he stopped. I found the nearest associate and told her what happened.

It was the strangest thing......*SHRUG*


Jessica said...

Yep- That's weird- Bet the parents or somebody else made him do it! Had a kid ask me for $$$ at the gas station one day- The man he was with was around the corner waiting- I drove around the building and saw him watching- Sad really!

Muthering Heights said...


Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

you never know what kids are on these dayz and where were the parents?! I would have done the very same as you..

Anonymous said...

kind of creepy.

The Source said...

Wow...sounds like that kid was a little ODD. I'm glad your Lego-man came straight to you when the boy made him uncomfortable.