Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lazy, Part Deux

Here's an update on a post I did back in MARCH of this HERE to be reminded of my ridiculous neighbor I so fittingly dubbed "Lazy Larry".

This summer, we had a confrontation after I witnessed him letting his dog take care of business DIRECTLY in front of my house.....all while he sat in the comfort of his car, as per his dog "walking" protocol.

I politely explained to Larry that I was sick and tired of him letting his dog poop in the street. He stupidly explained to me that birds and squirrels poop in the street.

Ahem, moron, young man there's a HUGE difference in the size of bird and squirrel poop in the street versus your gargantuan dog poop! DUH!

I then suggested he clean up after his dog just like everyone else does with their dog. No response.

And to finish out my rant, I told him he was not worthy of owning that dog if he could not walk it properly and in a safe manner. HE LAUGHED IN MY FACE....then drove off.

Which made this Greek girl IRATE!

The hubby suggested I just let it go and not make it my mission in life to reform this obviously idiotic young adult.

I proceeded with sending a letter to the city about Lazy Larry. An animal control officer came to my home, and, again, I explained how Larry walks his dog via the car and did not clean up his dog's waste material from the middle of the street. The nice officer was floored at Larry's lack of animal skills and assured me he would handle the situation.

Fast forward to recent weeks.

Exhibit A (as taken by my concerned son):

How ridiculous is this?! It is sunny and warm outside and he chooses to walk the dog, AGAIN, via the car.

Raise you hand if you are a member of PETA?!

Two weeks ago I was out raking leaves, the weather was nice and who comes around the corner just like the photo above?! Yep. Larry. This time the car was going a bit faster and the dog was in a slight jog.

It pushed me over the edge. I dropped what I was doing, went inside, dialed animal control and explained the situation AGAIN to the officer (notice a redundant theme here).

This officer could not believe what I told him. He drove directly to the neighborhood and was at Larry's house within 15 minutes.

About 20 minutes later, I see a person in my front yard headed to my door. I jumped up to see who it was about the time my doorbell rang.

LAZY LARRY parked his car in front of my neighbors house and was at MY FRONT DOOR! I wasn't going to answer....he then came around to my side door and rang the doorbell.

By this time my heart was pounding....what if he really is CrAZy??

He then went back to my front door and BANGED on it! Then I really decided not to answer. He stormed back to his car and screeched off.

He went directly to our neighborhood president and had words with him regarding my complaint. Of course, he also told Larry that we were concerned for the dog's safety and the neighbors are tired of poop in the street.

Larry said he was tired of living in our "rinky dink" neighborhood and is going to move.

Name the day, Larry......I'll come pack your bags.....then I'll throw a party!

(BTW, Larry has been spotted under the cover of darkness lazily "walking" his dog.....STILL)


mrs007 said...

I just can't believe this guy exists!! I mean it's humorous when you are reading it because you are so funny but I know you guys are actually having to deal with this idiot!

Wow! I hope he does move away! NO MORE drive-by-poopings!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

I'm not sure if I'm concerned for the dog or just curious why he does this?

but to march up to your door and do what?
seems to me the guy has issues..and you should steer clear of him :0/

jennifer said...

OK, we giggle at our neighbor down the street because he wears roller blades and lets his dogs pull him around the neighborhood.

Lazy Larry however is not funny.

Good for you Tammy for getting Larry in line.

Kathy said...

I am imagining his poor dog in the summer. I know how hot pavement gets! Sheesh!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Are you kidding, he came to your house? I thik you should've immediatley called the PD. NO telling this guys motives, since is is apparentley unconcerned about anyone other than himself. Not even his dog is worthy of his time. I suggest you send that very photo to both the PD and the Humane Society along with your complaints.
I think you have every right to suggest he take his dog elseware to poop. Not that he would care, but I saw signs recently at Lowes to put in the yard that were "no poooping signs". I feel your pain, my neighbors do the same thing. I wish I had your guts to confront them, though on MANY occassions I have and have had my children chase their unleased pooping dog from my yard. They just sit and watch and say nothing. Their dog has bitten my children and my grandma, causing her to get stiches. The Health dept told them if the dog bit again it would be uethanized. Still, it goes unleashed. I cannot beleive the arrogance of some people who think they are above the law. Believe me, if my dogs ran loose and crapped in their pristine yard they'd call me. They do not let their dog poop in their yard!
Really, call the cops. Report HIM to the neighborhood board. I pray he does move. Just not to my hood. LOL.
Can you tell you hit a nerve. Again, I feel your pain.
Be careful.

Trina said...

That's crazy!

Scott AKA Duckie said...

If you REALLY REALLY want to get it him in line I wouldn't waste time with animal control. Youtube is the key!Splice about 3-4 different days just to show what a MOW-RON he is. Funny music at 4x speed. I would collect every turd I could find and put it ALL in his front yard.

Scott AKA Duckie said...

Didn't he mean Stinky stink neigborhood?

Rachel said...

WOW - I hope he DOES move! And I can't believe that they didn't take the dog!