Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Tis the Season

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....but not feel like Christmas. I believe the high temperature yesterday in Tuscaloosa was close to 80 degrees! While I was out shopping Monday I saw a young lady sporting a tube top sun's December for crying out loud, isn't there a law against such acts? And no it's not a case of jealousy, everyone knows there is no way I could "work" a tube top dress!

I finally got the Christmas tree decorated and the stockings hung,and I have watched Christmas Vacation twice, so it is officially Christmas season at the Isbell house. It wasn't according to Madison's time frame but I can't live by a 6 year olds calendar!

We've been quite busy with Christmas parties, school and church activities. Last week the 1st graders at our school had a Christmas presentation that involved Madison dressed up like an angel. Well, you know I had to switch my schedule around at work to witness the blessed event! I even made the child's costume, well sorta. I added some sequins to her Princess Leia costume from 2 years ago and fashioned her angel wings out of foam board and tinsel. Check out my little angel:

This past Sunday our church had a Christmas concert that included our children's choir. It was an awesome concert and I thoroughly enjoyed watching my kids sing on stage. So, I thought I would add a few seconds of each of them singing in the concert.....sorry the video is not that great, but I had to take it with my digital camera. The battery died on our video camera from Caleb entertaining himself with it during the first performance!



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Heather said...

Know what you mean - saw someone in a tank top and shorts Monday when I was shopping! The angel costume is wonderful:-) I can't get to the videos though...See ya Saturday