Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the Day Before Christmas

and all through the house, the Isbells were preparing, the kids and each spouse....

Well, today was a day filled with fun and excitement as we got ready for Christmas Day. Jim headed off to the office for a few hours of work. So me and my folks, who came down on Saturday, had a day to finish up our Christmas preparations.

This morning we cooked a ham and carved a fried turkey. This afternoon, my mom and I took Madison shopping for some new PJ's. After Madison picked out a "pretty" black and red negligee/thong set, I decided it was time to leave the mall for good! Caleb and Papa went to Barnes and Noble to spend some time together over hot chocolate and Caleb's new book on how to train beagles (for our new stubborn beagle mix dog, Maggie).

Once we all arrived back at the house, our usual Christmas Eve festivities began with the making of the Christmas cookies. I had to put a stop to the fun after 10 minutes of decorating resulted in 1 empty white icing can and red sugar all over the floor! Wow, I hope Santa likes icing and red sugar.....and he's not diabetic!

Following the sugarfest, we all got ready to go to our candlelight service at church. It was a wonderful service that included Christmas carols, the Lord's Supper and ended with everyone singing in a beautiful candle lit auditorium. I am happy to report there were no close calls this year with Madison's candle and some woman's Aqua Net hairdo.

After church we drove around to look at Christmas lights. One of the large subdivisions here in town had luminaries out; it was so pretty. We saw some very pretty decorations and a few that rivaled Clark W. Griswold...but who doesn't love Christmas Vacation?! On the way home we traveled to one last house that is famous in these parts for their decorations. They also allow you to get out and enjoy them, so we did....

Tonight we chatted with my brother, Constantine, who is now stationed in Seoul, South Korea. We both had our webcams turned on, so we got a tour of his new apartment and my kids entertained him and his wife by shoving their face in the camera and making crazy noises! Ugh. But the miracle of modern technology brings him closer than miles separate us!

Well, last and not least, the day ended with my first viewing of A Christmas Story. No Christmas eve would be complete without this, in my book. So as we wait for Santa Claus' arrival, I'll watch Ralphie drink his Ovaltine and wear the pink bunny suit!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas....remember Jesus IS the reason for the season!

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Heather said...

Merry Christmas!! Love the cookies:-)