Monday, August 31, 2009


Alabama Bloggers

We began the brainwashing early in my family!

This is my twin sister and me around age 2:

I continued the tradition with my family:

We did such a good job brainwashing, imagine the moans when these soccer uniforms were handed to us:

Orange and Blue??? Seriously, we live in Crimson Tide country. I hope someone was fired over this decision. You can see the StReSS on Lego-Man's face. There is NOTHING about orange we like in this house. Nothing!

My little sister and I LOVE getting all the cousins dressed in their Alabama finest for the Iron Bowl:

It's countdown time in our house. This weekend brings us back to our favorite time of year.... Alabama football!

If you can't feel the excitement in the air, watch will!

ROLL TIDE from the GRITS house!!!


Maggie said...

I love it! I too was brainwashed early...I am currently trying to brainwash my brother's kids (their mother is an Aubie) So far I've got one out of the four! Keep up the good work! Roll Tide RolL!

jennifer said...

WOO HOO my Tide Sister! This was a SUCCESSFUL brainwashing all the way around. Nice clean crimson minds :)

Roll Tide Tammy! Kick off to the '09 season is SOON!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! I can't believe those colors are even allowed on any team sport in the city of Tuscaloosa!!

Your husband has a "Football coach-ey" look about he Saban's second in command?

Roll Tide!

KBeau said...

I can agree with you about the aversion to orange. Of course with me, it started out as a severe dislike of the burnt orange of Texas. Then when we moved to the SEC, I developed an equal dislike for Tennessee Orange. In fact, we Arkansas fans refer to those two schools as EOE-A and EOE-K (Evil Orange Empire, Austin and Knoxville branches).

The Source said...

Ah, the orange and blue run deep around here...but they're high school colors! My daughter has her heart set on going to Alabama one day. Not sure about that out-of-state tuition, but we have to root for them as long as they aren't playing GA!! :) We love football season...always in front of a good game on Saturdays with a million chicken wings.

Lianne said...

I love your pictures. Too cute! Your blog post inspired mine.

I am laughing at the uniform pictures. My son is the same way. He refuses to wear anything orange, and he has to wash his hands if he touches anything with Auburn on it. LOL!

Gretta said...

I was raised bleeding Crimson! We have now taught our kids that "War Eagle" is a cuss word. (haha) And I'm SO sorry your kids had such ugly uniforms this year! Great blog.

Bridgette said...

ROLL TIDE!!!! Love the pictures!