Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double Blessings

Last month we said goodbye to our dear 14 year old Lab, Bailey. I had many people advise me to go ahead and get another dog, but I said, "no". We planned on waiting until this summer to welcome a new pet.

I didn't want my kids to think that one life is replaceable with another. I wanted us to go through the grief process for Bailey......and we have.

This past week something happened, unexpectedly. God literally dropped these two right into our lap:

Meet Sophie and Allie!

Who could say no to those two faces??? I couldn't.

They are 5 month old Lab sisters who are house trained and have passed Puppy Kindergarten. They came to us from a friend who could not keep them. It was a blessing for us to take them and a blessing for her to know they were going to someone who would take such good care of them.

It's been a LONG four weeks at our house. We've certainly missed having furry friends around and we look forward to bonding with our newest family members.

We are smitten:

I think the "girls" are getting settled in their new home:

How fortunate for us, we have an in house Dog Whisperer:


Mike Golch said...

God Taketh away and God Gives back.
Bailey is at the Rainbow bridge waiting for you.

Dedra said...

They are GORGEOUS!!!!! So excited for your family!!

Mandy Bricken said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures! You can just look at these puppies and see how they are already a part of the family! Precious!

Abbie the Basket Hound and Humans said...

OK. 1) LOVE those faces. 2) This reminds me of a story of one of my best buds, Julia. She wanted another baby. Her husband did the entire but they cost so much...yada yada yada. She called me two months later pregnant. Ha! to him! She called me two more months later, pregnant with twins. Double HA! to him. Just sayin' God gives us unexpected blessings all the time. And, not to compare our children with canines but this is coming from someone who writes from my hounds perspective! :)

angie128 said...

Schweet schweet schweet puppies!!

I know you would have named them Angie & Connie if they did not already have names.

They are beautiful. ENJOY!

PS - Gauge says WOOF

Mama Belle said...

So precious.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Awesome, Tammy! They are so pretty. What a sweet double blessing God gave to your family after your loss. He's so good like that, isn't He?

jennifer said...

Tammy, they are SO beautiful!!

Southern Web Girl said...

What a blessing! They are GORGEOUS!

Rachel said...

That's so awesome! Yellow Labs are the sweetest variety, in my opinion...

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Oh Tammy...they are beautiful! We're going to have to say goodbye pretty darn soon to our chocolate lab, Rivka. I'm dreading it!

I'm so glad you guys have 2 gorgeous new family members!