Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Papparazzi-- Disney Style

We've all seen the pictures of those crazy photographers who pull out all the stops, risking life and limb to get the perfect shot of celebrities.

While at Disney World two weeks ago, the tables were turned. Instead of the GRITS family being stalked by a mob of photographers, we were the stalkers.

Or something like that.

While we were eating lunch in the Magic Kingdom, we noticed several people standing in the grass near Cinderella's Castle being interviewed. Naturally, my nosy self HAD to go find out who was being interviewed. As we got closer, this is who we saw:

At first, I said to myself....."Ummmm, is that Prince Charming?" Then there was a long pause....."no, wait, he's that guy....you know he builds stuff". Thank you fellow stalker for reminding me of the name Carter Oosterhouse. OH YEA!

Unlike everyone else standing around us, I had NO trouble figuring out who was also being interviewed with Mr. Eye Candy Oosterhouse.

It was Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. from the Food Network's "Big Daddy's House." I cheered for him on "The Next Food Network Star." I may or may not have been shouting "we are your fans" at the exact moment this photo was snapped. Ahem.

Our next big day of celebrity sightings coincided with Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" celebration. While wandering around Epcot, look who we, literally, almost ran in to:

Yep, it's Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network's "Dinner Impossible".....one of the hubby's favorites. He was in the middle of shooting a show on location in Epcot. The chef actually stopped and talked with folks. If it hadn't been for the family in front of us taking forever to get pictures with the wife, the baby in the stroller and the whole family together, I would have taken his picture with the hubby. Instead I got a picture of this:

The big find of the day resulted from my love of the Twitter. I already knew that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were going to be at Epcot that day singing for Disney's celebration. While checking on my Twitter peeps, which includes both Joe and Demi, I saw they were tweeting pictures from a couple of different countries in Epcot.

When I informed the Princess of my discovery, it was game on to find them. We started our walk around Epcot.....in the opposite direction the tweets were showing. I suspected at some point we would hopefully "run" into Joe and Demi.

All I needed was a few tweets and the sounds of a gaggle of giggly girls.


What? You can't see them?? How about now:

I'm afraid that's as good as our paparazzi skillz and the mob of girls would allow us. But the Princess was beyond THRILLED that we saw them.

As Joe and Demi left the area of their interview, the pack of pre-teens started running towards them.....guess who followed right behind, yes, the Princess. I seriously had to save her from being broadsided by a grown man with a camera.

Her goal was to get one final picture of this moment, and she did:

It's the perfect shot of Daddy Jonas and the back of Joe's head! Notice how close she had worked her way into the crowd.

Unbelievably, when we caught back up with Lego-Man and the hubby, they were watching a taping for America's Funniest Videos. AFV just happens to be Lego-Man's most favorite show. Imagine his excitement when he saw Tom Bergeron!

Despite all of the famous appearances, I must admit my favorite celebrities were these three and they even let me get my picture taken with them:


Leslie said...

Wow, you saw a lot of famous peeps!

Cheri said...


What a great post, you certainly saw lots of celebs on that trip.

The Source said...

Now that is just too cool! I bet your little princess had a fit over being in the same area as the Jonas dude! Too cute!