Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm bringing IT back!

Some of you may have been here long enough to remember all of my Sincerely 'Fro Me to You posts. If not, click HERE and you will see what I am talking about.

Those retro picture posts originated with Kristen of We Are THAT Family and, eventually, was passed on to Marcy of The Glamorous Life. I cannot tell you how sad I was the day this particular blog "party" ended. I am almost certain I went through the grief process for several weeks afterward.

I love retro pictures dearly and want to do a weekly blog post called "Throw Back Thursday", or maybe "Flashback Friday". Perhaps, I can come up with something a little more creative...then again, maybe not. I have missed throwing myself and whomever else under the retro-picture bus.

With all that said.......I'm bringing RETRO BACK!!

This week's photo is from my college days. Just for a point of reference, I will be celebrating my 20th college reunion in April of this year.

I went to a Baptist women's college in a small Southern town. Thirty minutes away was a slightly larger town, and an hour away was the city in which I live now. Needless to say, there was no Internet or Facebook back in the day and we lacked a little in the entertainment department. Unless you call cruising the square or hanging out at the local Hardee's over-the-top fun. And, seriously, one can only watch "Top Gun" and "Dirty Dancing" so many times.

Have no fear, "girls" that attend a small women's college are VERY creative and didn't have to leave the dorm for a good time. As evidenced by this photo of yours truly:

Dear blog readers, I present to you what we called the "Tide Slide". Tide meaning the soap we put on the floor, and Slide meaning, well, how we got from one end of the dorm hallway to the other.

At the nursing home, we shall call this "instant trip to the hospital", the "hip breaker" or maybe we will just call it, "maw-maw's last slide".

Looking at this photo brings back so many great memories of a day gone by. And also thankful, that my body still looks that great after 20 years, two children and the death of my thyroid.....*cough* *cough*

(BLOGGERS, if you'd like to join me in a weekly retro-picture post, let me know in the comments section and I might add a Mister Linky feature. If not, I'll be the flashback queen of the Internet.)


Jenny86753oh9 said...

HA! That's a great pic!

I do miss those kinds of posts. I did thema few years ago with Mom Generations and they called it Throwback Thursday...then I did it with Kristen and now there's nothing! I think you should start it. (Then again...I love all things RETRO!) ;-)

Marcy of The Glamorous Life said...

Great idea!
I am sorry I WAS THE ONE to make you so sad when I stopped doing them!

I am sure you can make it bigger than ever!

I love "Flashback Friday!"

Teresa said...

Terrific. Tammy's decided to post college pictures again. No good can come out of this for me.

And, can you believe that I never participated in a Tide Slide in all my years at JC? It will forever be one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

HA! That is a great picture!!

My sister's high school boyfriend went to Marion and he would come home from college with tales of sliding down the hallways in his boxers. I could never really imagine it well until just now. Maybe yall slid together at some point! Or were boys allowed?


I bet the janitors loved that yall kept the hallways clean with your backsides.

jennifer said...

I would like to play along but I'm never consistent. Also, if you keep it on Thursday, I might have to put mine up on Wednesday or Friday. I try to participate in Thrifty Thursday (with Leigh).

Just let me know if you make this a blog along. I'm in (you know, sometimes... sheesh).

LOVE the picture of you doing the indoor slip and slide (now that sounded a bit odd). It makes me cringe a little though. Falling is not what it used to be.

Rachel said...

My hubby was a Malleteer. Meaning that he lived in the Mallet when he was at Alabama - the super freaky Men's Honor Dorm. We always used to go visit it when we were down there, but we received the sad news at our last visit that they were forced to move, AND to have RA's (something they'd had the privilege of not having).


For that.

They soaped and watered up the floors so much that it leaked and ruined the ceilings and walls...

Glad you didn't get in trouble for your fun. :)