Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fear Factor....Tokyo Style

When thinking of the TV show "Fear Factor", I think of a show involving contestants who participated in various mental and physical challenges. They were people who volunteered to participate in a battle of wills resulting in one ultimate survivor. One who survived all the challenges and received a great reward.

Well, over the last 4 days I have felt like I have been on Fear Factor for a few reasons:

Physical Challenges
We have walked miles upon miles all over the city of Tokyo. We have been up and down multiple escalators and stairs. Yesterday we traipsed all over the USS Kitty Hawk and the Naval base. We have walked in the rain and in the humidity. We have crossed the street at one of the busiest intersections in the world and walked through beautiful parks. At the end of each day I have felt like I have been training for the triathlon!

Mental Challenges
I'm sure most of you have traveled with family before, so you know what I am talking about when I discuss this section. We've had our high points and our low points. You can imagine the stress of being in a foreign country where you know near nothing and each day involves traveling on a series of trains/subways to get anywhere! And remember we are traveling with 35 million of our best friends. So, needless to say we've all had our share of frustrations with one another and situations.

Mental and Physical Challenges
And for my last challenge I have had to face in Japan has been the least favored challenge on the TV show "Fear Factor"---the yucky food challenge!! Well, I came into the "competition" with an open mind and have actually fared very well in this phase of the contest. I don't think I can compile a complete list of what I actually ate, but here's what I remember: octopus, raw tuna, liver sushi, cow tongue and horse sushi. Yep, give me a high five people......I win in the food competition!

Despite all the tough challenges and frustrations, I think all seven of us are the winners. We all volunteered to come here, the physical and mental challenges we faced are nothing in the grand scheme of things. We spent a wonderful week with our "new" family" halfway around the world. And the petty instances will be forgotten but our family's love will continue forever. Fear was NOT a factor for us!


Heather said...

Hey! Sounds like y'all are having a great time. Way to go w/ all the "fear factor" stuff. I'd do ok w/ the physical and mental, but I'd probably be weak w/ hunger for normal food, lol. I bet Jim is loving the exotic foreign food. Love the blog and the pics!!

Suzanne said...

Tam's, you have such a wonderful sense of humor when telling a story. I love your fear factor idea. You really ate TONGUE? Guess you do win the prize. Your mom look so cute in her costume...oops I mean, wedding attire. Seriously, she looked so cute. Constantine don't look bad in a dress either. Looks like your family is having fun even with all the "ups and downs" of family travel. Enjoyed all the pictures. Be safe and see you soon at work.