Monday, October 8, 2007


That means "hey y'all" in Japanese....see I am learning the language fast!

Well, greetings from Japan. We had a very long day of travel last Thursday, but finally arrived at Narita Airport around 3pm on Friday. Somewhere during our 14 hour flight we lost a day and have yet to find it! My brother and friend picked us up at the airport and we made our way to our hotel in Kamakura.

The hotel was right in the middle of the city and the owner of the hotel was a friend of my brother's so we got a great rate on our rooms. The TV stations were Japanese only and no such thing as the internet.

No complaints, but to describe the hotel....Brady Bunch house! Girls if you had the bedspread below raise your hand....oh yes, and those ARE twin beds that are about 16" off the ground. Whatever!

After getting a few things unpacked at the hotel, our bleary eyed group had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We even took our shoes off and sat on the I almost forgot to tell you about the highlight of our evening--we all, except Jim (who would sleep through a train coming through our room), were awakened by an earthquake at about 3am. For those of you who know me, NO I did not panic....I was too tired to panic.

The wedding was not until Sunday so we spent Saturday touring around the city of Kamakura. I will do another blog for that day and upload some pictures with a link for you to see more photos.

Tonight (Monday) we have finally arrived back in civilization......the BIG city of Tokyo. We are staying at the New Sanno Hotel for military personnel and their families. I am SO excited about watching TV in English and having an internet connection! WOO-HOO. What in the world did we do before all this?!

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Teresa said...

Cubby does Tokyo! The pictures are awesome. Japan and your family look beautiful.

Miyuki would be so proud. Did you look her up? How many "the sink in the tub is stop!" jokes have you made? You'd better at least have made one or I will be very disappointed. Except the "remember Pearl Harbor" one. Don't make that one. This is not the time or the place.

You guys enjoy your trip and be safe.