Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Westward Bound

I must squeeze in one more post before we leave for Tokyo in the morning. Yes, you all heard me right....Tokyo, as in JAPAN. You might be wondering why someone who can barely stand to get on a plane for a couple of hours would be so inclined to get on one for a 14 hour flight! Well, I am still wondering....

No, seriously, my little brother Constantine (remember I am Greek) is in the Navy and has been stationed in Japan for the last seven years. Somewhere along the line he met a wonderful Japanese girl named Aki, with whom he fell in love with and wanted to marry. This summer in June we gathered in Mobile, AL for a traditional "Big Fat Greek Wedding". Twenty of Aki's family and closest friends came and had a warm Southern welcome and great time. Now it's time for us to reciprocate. Me, my husband Jim, both of my sisters, my father, and my mom and step-dad are leaving tomorrow for the "Land of the Rising Sun"--Japan.

The shopping is done and the bags are finally packed; I even got a pedicure today for those unexpected taking your shoes off moments! The hardest part so far was telling my kids "goodbye". This will be the longest period of time in their short lives that we have been away from them!

Now, tomorrow the hardest part will be getting on that plane in Houston for the 14 hour flight. So please keep your anxiety ridden friend and her family in your prayers as we travel. Hopefully, my next post will be from somewhere in the country of Japan! Goodnight.


Suzanne said...

Hey Tam's,
I am so excited. I know you will have a safe and fun trip. I can't wait to see the blogs and pics. I'm gonna feel as though I'm going to Japan with you. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe return. Just have fun!!! ROLL TIDE


Suellen said...

Hey 0-2,

Ok, can I just say I am having a hard time picturing you in Japan. But I am so excited about your adventure. Can't waite to see the pics. Since I am planning a trip to Trinadad for Thanksgiving I am thinking of starting a blog myself.

Be safe,