Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bears, boo-boo's and bandaids.....

Madison went on a very exciting field trip today. She and all the first graders at ACA went to DCH Regional Medical Center for the annual Teddy Bear Clinic. Each child brought a "baby" that needed a little medical attention. After much thought and many changes of mind, Madison finally decided this morning to take "Vanilla" her baby polar bear.

Although I was working, I was able to take a break and accompany Madison, Vanilla and Jim through the clinic. Vanilla had a broken leg that needed to be fixed. Madison escorted her furry friend through the triage, x-ray and lab stations. Her broken leg was bandaged and I am happy to report that both Vanilla and Madison are resting well tonight after their big day!

Madison and her best friend Mary Beth, and Matthew

Me in my cute work hat:

(what can I say, a cute hat is a fashion must when you wear pajamas to work)

Madison making herself at home in the back of the ambulance:

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