Saturday, February 9, 2008

Think Pink

This week started and ended with a bang.....while Madison and I were partying with Hannah Montana in Birmingham, Jim and Caleb spent 4 hours at a medical clinic to find out Caleb had the flu, which his medically astute parents had already diagnosed! ;-) So, Caleb spent Monday and Tuesday at home with dad fighting the flu and conquering his favorite Wii video game, Super Mario Galaxy.

Thinking we were home free from sickness, Madison came home from cheerleading practice Thursday night with a low grade fever....great! I stayed home from work and had Madison at the pediatrician's office at straight up 0800 only to find out that Madison had her 2nd case of strep throat in two weeks. I was just thankful it wasn't the flu. As I am signing Madison out at the doctor at 0840, my cell phone was Jim letting me know I need to go pick up Caleb from school because he had thrown up. I must interject here that Caleb threw up because he did not eat enough food before taking his last dose of his flu medicine, which it clearly states on the bottle. I spent the better part of the morning cleaning and killing germs.....then we all took a 2 hour nap!

You see, we made plans for this night weeks ago. For the last four years, the University of Alabama gymnastics team has a "Power of Pink" meet that helps raise money for breast cancer awareness. We've been to several of the gymnastics meets, but this is our favorite one! It's Madison's favorite, of course, because everyone dresses in pink including both teams. And it's my favorite because it raises money for a great cause.

This year was a hallmark year in our attendance of the "pink" meet. Caleb actually wore a pink polo shirt that I bought him. He gave me the usual "NO WAY", but after mulling it over and telling me that one of his buddies had the exact same shirt he put it on. I'm not sure he will ever wear the shirt again, but for $7.99 at Target I won't push it!

In 2006 this meet raised $90,000 for the DCH Foundation and this year it was $265,000!! WOW! The breast cancer fund promotes awareness and provides early detection screenings for those in need. Having lost one friend to breast cancer and having another who is a survivor, I feel compelled to play a small part in donating to this cause.

Despite the negative week we had, the Isbells donned their pink and shouted Roll Tide in the name of a breast cancer awareness!

Click HERE
for another way to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.

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Heather said...

Wow, what a lot of money raised! My college sorority's philanthropy was Susan G Komen, and my aunt is a breast cancer survivor, so I'm all for cancer money research. Tell Caleb he's very handsome in pink ;)