Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ice Cream and Cake....and Basketball

Well, this is the 7th week in our 8 weeks of Upward basketball and cheerleading. The kids have really enjoyed it, but are looking forward to next week being the last games.

Caleb has learned the basics of basketball and has scored a few baskets. I think the whole gym can hear him scream "YES" afterwards. I might just get a basketball player in the family after all!! He certainly has height on his side.

As evidenced by last weeks post, Madison has had a good time cheering; however, she has her sights set on something different this fall......flag football!! Now, once again, I have NOT influenced the child in anyway in her wanting to play. She decided a few weeks ago that cheering is not what she thought it would be and wants to wear those "cute" flags in the fall. September is a long way off, so stay tuned for the flag football photos!

Hopefully, once we get our Saturdays filled with other things I will have more exciting things to post about.....until then, here are a few more pictures and one more dancing video from our Saturday sports day.

Ice Cream and Cake (notice Caleb in the background):

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Heather said...

Love it!!! How great that you captured Caleb in the background too ;-) He has gotten so tall! Can't wait to see Madison playing football...