Monday, June 23, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

That would be the description of my almost 7 year old daughter. She has never missed a thing, she remembers everything and needs to know it all--- if she doesn't already!

I should have had a heads up on this when she was 4 years old and asked me point blank, "do babies come out from up here or down here? Because I don't know." (while pointing to various locations on her body). She looked up at me with those BIG brown eyes and my mouth must have been wide open. I believe I changed the subject and end of story.

That is until she found a drawing in a set of anatomy cards I was using for grad school. Then she declared, "see, they come out from down there". Perfect. The informed 4 year old. And the anatomy cards were burned in a private ceremony!

Fast forward to this past Friday when she and I spent the morning together. We had a leisurely breakfast at Panera and then wandered our way around Barnes and Noble. And, without fail, like any other trip to any given store, the Princess had to use the restroom. Why is that? While washing her hands, she made faces in the ginormous mirror and she glanced in every direction around the restroom.

As we made our way out the bathroom door, she looks at me once again with those BIG brown eyes and says, "why does it cost a dime for a napkin in that machine?" I laughed loudly and politely informed her that we would discuss that when she was older and that she didn't need to worry about that right now. Of course, that was not the answer she was looking for.

She then said, "What? Why do they have those napkins in that machine? Are they like big paper towels or something?" I cracked up again because I wanted to tell her they were more like a little mattress than a paper towel. I promised her that we would discuss the "dime napkins" another day when she was older.

Phew, close call. I think. Probably not. We won't be going back to the Barnes and Noble bathroom anytime soon! :-)


Kendrawolf said...

That reminds me of the time my I walked in to find unwrapped tampons all over my 4 year old boy's room. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he found these 'missiles' and he was pretending that his toy tank was shooting them at his army men.

Teresa said...

OK. You'd better get these discussions under control before you come to visit me because I am not equipped to handle such awkward conversation with the Ocho just yet.

So, in our house the doctor has a magic wand that makes the baby appear and those napkins are diapers for old people. Got it?

Valarie said...

One time I went into Syds bathroom, and apparently Lil Logan had been in there and had stuck always pads all over the walls. :)

Heather said...

Oh how cute! *giggle* Better you than me, maybe boys aren't as questioning, thankfully! ; )