Tuesday, June 3, 2008

**Insert Indiana Jones music here**

Raise your hand if you just went "duh duh-duh-duh, duh duh duh......"

I must admit I've been a HUGE Indiana Jones fan since the Raiders of the Lost Ark came out waaaay back in 1981....yes people it's been that long. It seems like yesterday we all watched as Indy searched for the Ark of the Covenant while fighting off Nazis and one too many snakes! **chills up spine** The first movie was followed by two more: The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the sequels, but not as much as the first!

What was my favorite thing from the first three movies:

Silly question!

So here we are, ummm, 27 years later. Really? Hang on, let me rethink that number. I've done the math over and over folks, it has really been that long since we first met our dear Indiana Jones. Ok, so now that our reality break is over....

Being the huge IJ fans that we are, the hubby and I headed to the movie theater this past weekend to see the newly released IJ film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. NO "spoiler alert" necessary. I will just say that although I did enjoy the movie, it wasn't quite what I anticipated. I'm not sure why. But it sure didn't keep me from eating that whole box of Milk Duds! As expected, there were several moments of putting my hand over my eyes and lets just say I have a new hatred for ants. Especially big nasty ones that can drag a whole human being back to their mound! I think we have those here in Alabama. Seriously.

You may ask, what was my favorite thing in the most recent Indiana Jones movie:

Once again, that's a silly question! He might be 65, but Harrison Ford IS da' man!

So, if you are a forever member in the Indiana Jones Fan Club, I recommend the newest flick. In true Siskel and Eibert fashion, I would give the latest Indiana Jones movie an Almost-Two-Thumbs-Up.

How about y'all leave some comments here about your favorite Indiana Jones movie or if you have seen the newest film, what did you think about it???


Jennifer Raack said...

It was still a good movie and I would still recommend it but I found it to be a little dull (compared to the first one). I don't know what I was expecting but, whatever it was, I was expecting more.

Ewww..the ants! My poor little boy was still thinking about them on his way to school yesterday (I wrote about it on my blog). If you have them that big in Alabama, I'm staying away!! Of course, we have mosquitos that big here in Texas!

Peggy said...

I liked the movie because they brought back his love interest from the first movie and not to spoil it for anyone but the romantic side of me loved the ending. I had to cover my eyes about the ants and again towards the end (keywords - eyeballs) but all in all - it was nice seeing Harrison Ford back in character as a sexy college professor/archeoligist (spelling?). And cue to Friends episode when Ross gets compared to Indiana Jones. Classic geek fantasy!