Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sadness and Laughter

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and for the prayers as my family mourned the loss of my maternal Grandmother. Your prayers were truly felt.

Most of my mother's family reside in L.A.-- Lower Alabama-- and that is where we all gathered for the funeral services of my Grandmother. It was a family reunion, of sorts, that was filled with many emotions. We gathered in sadness but in true Borth family fashion, the house was filled with laughter and love!

Saturday we transcended upon my Uncle Dan's home. They were SO gracious in letting us stay there to save a buck on hotel rooms. The adults spent the afternoon "catching up" on everyone's lives and reminiscing. The littlest cousins spent the afternoon in the pool and on the water slide!

I'm thinking the weight limit might be exceeded here:

Somewhere in the pile-up, my dear Princess was nearly crushed. Thank you Lord for keeping her safe!

SUNGLASSES! Where are my sunglasses??? (to whom this leg belongs, I am kidding)

This is my mom's little sister after her husband shared the pool water love!

Just passing through the yard!

Sunday morning we awoke to the Princess coming in our room asking LOUDLY, "ummm, Aunt Sue said we can get in the pool if it's ok with you". I cracked my eyes open to find the clock telling me it was only 6:55 AM! I mean, who am I to say no to swimming BEFORE 7AM on Sunday morning. After all, the little cousins had been up for an hour already. Now, when is it that kids sleep until noon??? That's what I want to know!

My sweet Uncle Dan fixed us up a delicious breakfast that rivaled the Cracker Barrel. I honestly think he cooked bacon for an hour! The biscuits were accompanied by plum jam and strawberry-fig preserves homemade by my Aunt Sue.

While we were in the area we wanted to visit with my Dad's side of the family too. We enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch with Yaya, my Greek grandmother who is 92. We also were joined by one of my first cousins and her daughter. Both of our girls are named after their Great-Grand-Yaya, Emily.

My Grandmother's funeral was Monday morning. The service was very nice with songs sung by my little sister and a cousin's wife. And in true Southern fashion, we all gathered at my Aunt's house for a delicious lunch provided by the church and my uncle's family. DELICIOUS!

Of course, we took the opportunity to take some precious family photos of all the generations present.

The first generation. My mom and her siblings:

The second generation. Most of the first cousins, except my brother who is stationed in South Korea and a cousin in TN:

The third generation. All the kiddos of the cousins (I have NO idea what that makes them in the cousin scheme of things):

The Princess with her "girl cousin" and the dog named Princess:

These two are definitely related:

Thanks for letting me share my mom's side of the family with you. I just may have to come back and post all the hilarious things that happened during the visitation at the funeral home. In a respectful way, of course.

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jennifer said...

Tammy, I am sorry about the loss of your Grandmother. I like the way you all chose to use it as an opportunity for pictures and a time spent with family. That is respecting LIFE!