Monday, June 30, 2008

Photo Gallery

The photos I am going to share with you today are none that you will find in any famous art gallery. They were not taken by anyone famous and the artist’s perspective may not be understood.

You see, the pictures were taken by my 9 year old son, with his new digital camera he received on his birthday, which he did ask for. His last digital camera, a hand-me-down from his cool parents, was worn out from so much use.

After shooting close to 150 photos, I thought it was time to download the photos and take a look at them. While viewing them, I found myself laughing hysterically as well as scratching the top of my head--- while trying to figure out what, exactly, I was looking at. Then followed by an “Ohhhhh” when he told me.

I also found myself having a discussion with him about what is appropriate to take photos of…..and stuttering through an explanation of why we really shouldn’t take photos of others with their “bums” in the air or while other’s pretended to hit their “bums”. Go figure.

So, you want to know what a 9 year old boy takes photos of? I am proud to present:

Life Through A Lens: Do You See What I See, Check Yes or No.


The Photographer


First Photo with new camera, birthday dessert


Elementary School Chicks, which I am allergic to


Indiana Jones Legos


Little Sister in 3D


Backyard as seen from swing


Best buddy at end of school party


Little sister’s room, as seen through paper towel tube


Toothless upside down sister


Front-lit cookie on kitchen counter


Lindsey Lohan, as seen on TV

(**moment of silent prayer**)


Road Trip Stowaways, decorated with little sister’s cookies


Pertinent Weather Data


Immediate weather coverage


The great black out of Summer 2008


Before Erik Estrada called to get his glasses back


Baby tomatoes, coming soon to a salad near you

I don’t want to wear everyone out with our first presentation of photos, so I will bring this photofest to an end.

Consider yourself warned that this may not be the last entry from my son’s camera. Because I’m sure after another 100+ photos there will be plenty more to share with you all. Hope you enjoyed seeing life through my 9 year old. I’ll leave you with one more photo which was taken by the Princess.



Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Love these! My favorite is the paper towel tube pic. :)

Shannon said...

I loved it! He could soon be an up-and-coming photographer. My fav was also the room through the paper towel tube.

bighairenvy said...

Ditto on the paper towel tube picture! PLEASE keep these coming :)

Valarie said...

He did a great job!! I loved the line about Eric Estrada!! That was cute. :)

Teresa said...

I'm in the market for something to hang over my fireplace. How much are you asking for "Front lit cookie on kitchen counter"? It speaks to me.

Rambling Round said...

He's got a creative eye already! Love the room through the perspective of the paper towel roll.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Fab. Get that kid in some classes. :)

D said...

Great pictures. A true talent in the making. I especially loved toothless upside down sister.
Your children are beautiful.

Marenda said...

Well written article.