Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas- Mission Accomplished

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….you know how it goes. And, now, we do too at the GRITS household.

The Christmas tree is no longer nekkid. The stockings are in place and I think this is the first year ever that I’ve got a wreath on my door. Seriously.

It’s taken me a bit longer this year to get my holiday groove on. In case some are new here, ALL of my usual Christmas decorations are in a storage unit that is currently housing the belongings of a friend who had a stroke earlier this year.

I can honestly say I didn’t really miss the never ending fluffing and the ridiculous plug matching of the pre-lit tree.

Is it just me or am I the only electrical buffoon who can’t seem to get the right wires connected to make the entire tree light simultaneously???

To save money on decorations we really don’t need, I went with ye ol’ shiny Christmas ball theme! Thank you Target for the $2/box. What a steal.

The Princess and I also made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and bought a few pre-painted wooden items, glitter glue and ribbon. *poof* Instant homemade ornaments to hang amongst the shiny round objects. Because nothing says Christmas ornaments more than hand crafted.

I’ll spare you the chatter and let you take a look around.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you a Greek GRITS Christmas:





No fireplace here, so I transform the kitchen area counter in our mantle/stocking area.

Let’s get a closer look there:


A few extra decorations strategically randomly located:

PC120164_edited-1( Sorry about the glare)

PC120172I love my card holder from Southern Living at Home!





This, sadly, is my first attempt, EVER, at making a bow. Looks like a need a few more lessons…and preferably not from some lady named Nancy on YouTube. Anywhoo.

Of course, you won’t make it out of here without seeing my cutie-patootie kids and their Christmas trees:



For those of you who notice the details, yes her tree is bigger than his; however, his has super cool fiber optic lights and, well, hers is pink! And it wasn’t an issue.

Looks like somebody else got caught up in the Christmas spirit, meet Bailey-Claus who is celebrating her 13th Christmas with us:


We’re not real fancy here, as you can see. But I hope you enjoyed looking around at our Christmas decorations!

Please click on over to both of the following sites to enjoy more beautiful holiday decorations!



Merry Christmas, y’all!


We are THAT Family said...

Wow! By your description, I was expecting Charlie Brown. Um, NO. What a gorgeous tree! I love your 'mantle' for the stockings and those 'Merry Christmas' letters by the TV.

And I'm so not showing my kids your kids awesome trees. They will be throwing their miniature ones I away!

Mom Mom said...

Your tree is awesome!

Ashley @ said...

I think everything looks beautiful! It doesn't look thrown together at all. I am with Kristen I was expecting Charlie Brown as well. My favorite thing is NOT the Alabama ornament (Go DAWGS)'s the Merry Christmas letters and the wreath on the door.

Our wreath is on the kitchen table waiting for some hot glue surgery. Hopefully I can get it hung on the door before Christmas.

kathy said...

I think everything looks lovely! My daughter has one of those pink trees. It's so cute. My boys have a silver one, too, that they turned into an Alabama tree, complete with houndstooth hat on top! They hung a few Bama ornaments on it and put old tickets on too.

And I even think your bow looks pretty darn good for a first try!

Lora said...

Your pictures are lovely and I think your bow looks great!

kari and kijsa said...

Your tree looks fantastic!!
Love it!
kari & kijsa

Tiffany said...

Girl, one word, GORGEOUS! Love it all! I am all about the little ones having their trees, too! Good stuff and thanks for opening your house to all us strangers. Such delightful southern hospitality! I miss that sooo much! We were moved from the south to the NW last year! It's all good, all what you make of it! Merry Christmas!

P.S.He loves you.. said...

yay you did it!!!

Love your big pretty tree!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It all looks Great! I love the kids trees. Your bow looks awesome in the picture. Much better than I could do. Thanks for the tour!

jennifer said...

Ha! So he didn't want a pepto pink tree??

LOVE how festive your home looks. The glaring mErRy ChRiStMaS was ADORABLE and my favorite decoration - was it Hobby Lobby too?

Mrs.C said...

Beautiful tree! I love the snow effect, too. Thanks for the tour. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Abby said...

Love your decorations! I also made ornaments from the wooden things at HL... and I have the same Southern Living card holder!

Thanks for letting us tour your home!
Have a blessed holiday!

Dena @ Green Acres said...

I love your home, tree and the kids' trees. My brother is a manager at HL, so you can probably guess where most of our decorations come from...ha. Thanks for sharing your home!

The Southern Family said...

I love your impromtu tree! It looks lovely. Thanks for visiting :-)

IRENE said...

Merry Christmas and lots of cheer to you and yours.

Heather said...

Your tree turned out great!

Ashley said...

I love that your kids have their own trees! I definitely plan on doing that in the future. I enjoyed touring! Come visit me at my house (blog)!

Ameratis said...

The decorations are great. Your tree is gorgeous. The Bama ball...not so much ;) I married into War Eagle people so I have to disfavor the particular picture ha ha! I love the kids trees! Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Mc said...

The house looks grand! Nothing Charlie-Brownish here maam! Might even have inspired me to take a pic or two of Casa de McCool! We tend to go in the era of the Griswold's as far as decorating goes! Thanks for sharing my friend!

Lauren said...

Beautiful decor! I love it! Thanks for letting us in!

Kim said...

I think your place is fabulous! Great job on that gorgeous tree. I, too, have been learning how to get by with a lot less in the way of decorations this year. Kinda liking it :-)

Carolina Mama said...

Oh dear, it is my memory! :) I did see the beauty this am. And I still love it and wanted to say Hi! :)

littletoesandcheerios said...

Wow that's beautiful! My girl has her own tree now and only 20 months old!

Anonymous said...

I love your christmas card holder! So cute! Oh and I love your tree! So beautiful! Merry Christmas!

TP said...

In all seriousness, which is rare, your tree took my breath away, so pretty! Great job. Also, you have inspired me to put my kids trees out. I had told them it wasn't happening this year due to doctors visits, trips to the ER, spinals taps, kidney stones, enough antibiotics flowing through us to float a yacht, and just general old momma is sick n tired.....but, I think I need to take the time I was planning on using to dig up the garden (a.k.a. sweep the floor in this yucky house) and throw together some pretty trees for my wonderful, wonderful children.
We love you guys and hope you have the very best Christmas ever! said...

It all looks great! I thought the silver tree was awesome and then I saw the pink one! I would have loved a pink tree when I was young!
Now I live in a house with all boys so I don't think they would go for that!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Paige said...

Love the kids trees! And I love the Alabama ornament.

Best wishes to you and your family during this Holiday season.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

All these trees in the kids room are making me want to have one! lol Thanks for sharing your great home.

DeeDee said...

Beautiful Tammy...Everything looks beautiful!
I love the tree and you did a great job on the bow. I also love the Bama ornament.
Have a wonderful Christmas Season.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Your tree is beautiful! And your bow is great...Nancy taught you well!
And I love that pink's sassy!

Keetha said...

Greek Grits!!! I had to THINK about that one for a while. This is one midwesterner who lived in the south long enough to learn to LOVE grits.

Where in the world did you find the 70's trees for your kids?? Wow, what a flash back to my teenage years!!!

Everything looks wonderful.

Merry Christmas.

Anne said...

Beautiful tree? Check.

Funny comment about YouTube? Check.

Cute kids by their trees? Check.

Loved your post! Merry Christmas!

becky said...

I love both of the kids' trees -- tres adorable!

Happy Holidays!

Holly said...

I really like your Merry Christmas block letters. Super cute!

Twice Blessed said...

Hey girl...I'm loving the bow as a tree topper! Looks fab. Your place looks lovely. Merry Christmas Tammy.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

beautiful! how clever to use the counter top as the mantle... we southern women sure are resourceful.

Destini said...

Everything is so cute..! Both Christmas trees are my favorite.

Lindsey said...

Your home is b-e-autiful! It was a pleasure to snop around your home and view all your gorgeous decorations. I will definitely keep your ideas in mind for next year at our house. :) Also how did you get the snow flake effect on your blog??

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Tree all a-glow: love it.

Stockings hung on the "mantel": genious.

Kids with the totally kid-like trees: priceless!

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Mrs. Darling said...

Loved this tour. Boy you guys go all out even decking out the dog! LOL

S'more of my Thoughts said...

So beautiful!

visiting from boomama's site.