Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deck the halls, y’all

It’s kinda beginning to look a little like Christmas here at the GRITS house.  And I mean just a little!

Long story short, due to helping a friend out during a time of illness, we cannot get to our usual Christmas tree or decorations in our storage room this year.  

Most people would probably be excited and use it as an excuse to get all new stuff.  Not me.  Because I am cheap. 

Today we ventured out to a local Christmas tree farm to find the tree of our dreams.

We had a little help in sizing up our needs, meet Shorty and his little friend McShorter:





Apparently someone was taking too long choosing the tree and our helpers needed to rest their weary souls in the farm’s front loader bucket thingy:




Here’s the best part of the trip:



This just might qualify me to be a member of THAT family society.

Yes, that is my car with a Christmas tree tied to the roof!  Where have you seen that done before??



Exactly!  Christmas Vacation!  A holiday favorite.

Well, we certainly looked like the Griswolds with the tree strapped on top of the car.

And, thankfully, we made it home without any sort of Christmas tree incident.

And due to our pre-scheduled Alabama football game, which we are not going to talk about,  this is as far as we got with our decorating:




I am now trying to decide what to do about the ornament situation.  Any suggestions from you decorating people??

Since I cannot get to my current collection of the world’s cutest Hallmark Ornaments, I was thinking about going with a typical CHEAP ball ornament theme since I have to get other usual decorations…..tree skirt, stockings, etc…which are 50% off at Hobby Lobby! 

I am on call for 24 hours on Sunday and Tuesday, so I am thinking the tree will have to wait for me until sometime Wednesday. 

Stay tuned, Christmas loving folks……Christmas at the Griswolds GRITS house is coming… day and decoration at a time.  Until next time, enjoy this :



Anonymous said...

Even naked, your tree looks great! May I suggest a Bama theme for your tree? Crimson and white everything. And some elephants.

Tam said...

When MY Husband was in Iraq and could not get MY HALLMARK Ornaments out...I just had a new baby to boo.....I just used ribbon all over the tree and bows. I went to KMART and they had tons of Martha Stewart that looked great and ever since I still use those bows and ribbons....THE tree turned out very traditional looking with NO ornaments....just all that ribbon and bows.

That is a beautiful tree by the way! I have a fake in Savannah REAL tress are so so so expensive.

littletoesandcheerios said...

In the past I've bought beautiful things at big lots and the dollar stores. I saw a tree the other day at the hospital with all green & reds ball ornaments in different sizes. And they made bows with big gold bows and a red one on stacked on top of the gold bows. Do you know what I mean or do I sound like Chrisy Snow?!

Greg Nicholson said...

Love the Tree atop the Volvo. There is something about that... It just seems sooo Wrong.

Or maybe it's remembering doing something similar in Germany with a Volvo Station wagon. Nah... it's the wrong thing! :)

jennifer said...

The tree is gorgeous!

I bought glass clip frames from the dollar tree last year. I bought paper (wrapping paper actually) and inserted it as the mat in the frames and added pictures. Tied them on with ribbons and voila! It was a pretty decoration done CHEAP!

Leigh said...

The tree is beautiful!

Dollar Tree has some really cute ornaments and ribbon. And also go for a walk in the woods and gather grasses, pinecones, berries-free!
Thrift store. Mine has an enture xmas section.
Have kids make some with small terracotta pots (upside down, they are bells), plastic ball ornaments filled with paints swirled around (craft store) and I use my holiday cards (so pretty) I take a hole punch and then tie the cards (using dollar tree ribbon or twine) and pictures to my tree. It's an instant memory tree of the people I hold near and dear. I love that idea bast!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Are you kidding me? Make gingerbread people and put little holes in their head for the wires to hang them with! Go for it!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Love the tree. I wish I had the guts to use a real one there is nothing like it!

Heather said...

Pretty tree! I would put ribbons and bows all over the tree. I think the GRITS kiddos would like that and they can always string popcorn and hang it right ;) And yes, I must admit I was cheering for the Gators, sorry! We've got our schedule out for January, so if y'all still want to get together, let us know what weekend works for you.

Valarie Lea said...

Hey once you get to your other ornaments for next year, you could use the ornaments you bought this year and make a wreath with them. :)