Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's in the book

I am not a teacher. For a reason.

It's not my calling. I recognized that early and I'm eternally grateful for those who do this job day in and day out. Thank you!

And nothing makes me feel more like a teacher than the dreaded HOMEWORK!

We have been up to our eyeballs in book reports this weekend. I'm not talking about your standard, run of the mill book report. Noooooo, we've had to get all fancy this time.

Lego-Man has a "Cereal Box" book report based on a mystery book; and the Princess has ye ol' diorama from a biography. Just imagine the fun we've been having, if you can. I'm in a fun stupor!

We had to change the boy's book midstream, when we realized the plot of his Hardy Boy's book had to do with smuggling DRUGS. He had his cereal named "Smuggler's Surprise" with the cereal in shapes of bottles and pills. Umm, yea. Fortunately he just finished another Hardy Boy's book, which was about missing coins that were melted. So we are going with that one. Anybody want some "Corn Crunch" Cereal, complete with coin shaped marshmallows that melt in your mouth?!

When I found out the Princess had to do her diorama on a biography, I offered up a list of possibilities......Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, etc. In one fail swoop she shot down all my suggestions with one sentence, "Mom, Taylor Swift is a REAL PERSON too!"

Seriously. I mean, what was I thinking?? Of course, Taylor Swift. Duh. She's lived on the planet 20 years and done what.....made two albums and been dissed on national television by Kanye West.

I was hoping the Princess' teacher might help me with the battle of the biographies, but no such luck. The book was approved, so Taylor Swift it is. Just look for the box with glitter letters, a CD, cowboy boots, guitars and a Barbie doll dressed like Taylor Swift.

I can hardly wait for this week's homework assignments!


jennifer said...

She had a good point though. Taylor Swift really is a real person too :)

Loved this!

jennifer said...

Oh and um, sorry about all the homework. That part isn't quite as funny.

Penni said...

Ok, as a teacher, I apologize for the homework. But, as a fellow left-brained, OCD, Type-A, no creative thought mom, I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN. I hate, hate, hate book projects...okay, all projects in general. With me being the physics teacher (a.k.a. the farthest one can get from creative thought) and the husband being an accountant....we basically stink at all projects. Which is why I NEVER assign projects! Homework? Yes. Projects? No.

The Source said...

I'm convinced that teachers sit around together thinking up the weirdest, most time-consuming projects that require the strangest materials imaginable just to drive parents insane! A cereal box? For real?

I just read somewhere that Taylor Swift is getting a pent house apartment with a moat around the fireplace and a human-sized bird cage on the terrace so she can look at the stars. Because, you know, 20 yr old kids who made 18 million dollars last year can do odd-ball things like that! :)