Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Y'all remember that song, right?!

Last week, the GRITS family was immersed back into the real world after a restful week off after Christmas.

The kiddies went back to school on the 4th and I jumped back onto the anesthesia planet with both feet!

The big news for this past week has been the weather. The South has been in the grips of sub-freezing temperatures. Now y'all, we aren't built to endure such torture.

And the forecast for the dreaded "S" word, showed up early last week. As per standard protocol, pandemonium broke out, milk and bread were scooped up off grocery store shelves and the schools were closed on Thursday.

It was all for naught, snowflakes did fall from the sky and that was about it. No surprise. Better luck next time with your forecast, dear meteorologists.

Now on to the more important event from last week.....

Anybody watch that little football game on Thursday night??

Can I get a hearty ROLL TIDE

It wasn't the prettiest win on record (ahem, SEC championship game), but we did win.

As per standard fan protocol we all were sporting our team's colors. Lego-Man was wearing his Alabama cap that he has worn on every game day this year. We had to send him to bed at his usual bedtime because the not-so-snow-day was not continued on Friday.

Here's how we found our dedicated Alabama fan around midnight:

When we asked him why he wore his hat to bed, he replied, "every time I've worn it that way, Alabama wins."

Spoken like a true 'Bama fan who just learned what it means to be National Champions!

Now, I'm not a country music fan by any stretch (we'll save that discussion for another post), but I found this and thought my fellow Alabama fans would enjoy:


Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I kept thinking of you during that game! :)

jennifer said...

Yes! You can indeed get a hardy ROLL TIDE!!!

My son wanted to go to bed and my husband wouldn't let him. He told D, "Son this is a historic moment! You can't go to sleep and miss this!" Now that is some warped Bama Fan parenting :)

Rachel said... the male fan's belief that he controls the outcome of the game with his clothing habits starts THAT early, huh?