Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pick Your Battles

Yep, that's my motto....for almost everything that involves the rearing raising of my children. This especially includes the Princess' wardrobe.

Examples of self-dressing I have said "yes" to:

Recently the hubby asked, "are we letting her go to church like THAT??" I quickly answered, "Absolutely! We've got bigger battles to fight."

I mean, if she wants to wear her fabulous tan boots with an all black ensemble, I say go for it!

However, yesterday I had to draw the line when she came out of her room dressed like this:

Yes, I realize she looks super cute and is probably copying some of the things she sees the high school and college girls wearing. However, it was 40 degrees outside and beneath that lovely ensemble is her SWIMSUIT because we were headed to swimming lessons.

Much to her dismay, I had to put a stop to the cheerleader skirt and made her put on more "it's-freezing-cold-outside" appropriate clothing.

Otherwise, I would have said, "get in the car."

Heaven knows, I am just trying to help her make good clothing choices. So, one day, when she looks back at her yearbooks, she doesn't regret having her picture taken in something like this:

She'll thank me one day.....I think!


Queen Mother said...


Lianne said...

Whoo! We are SO going through the same thing with our Emma.

You ROCK that bow, girl! Rock it!!! :)

Mike Golch said...

I looked like a dork in my yearbook.

jennifer said...

The cowgirl boots made me smile. I like her style!

Rachel said...

WHOA - what is that even called?!?! It's not a's not a's like a freakin' overgrown bow!!

...I wonder if I have that picture of you downstairs in one of my husband's yearbooks...and what OTHER pictures of you I have? Hmm... :)

littletoesandcheerios said...

I'm with ya ALL the way!! You made me laugh SO hard with that pic.

The Source said...

Oh my. Umm. No words for the lovely neck/scarf/tie thingie. Don't you just love looking back at the things we used to wear?? Your little princess is adorable...even if she is determined to freeze her tiny hiney off. :)