Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Labrador Diaries -- Volume 2

The Alpha-Dog has left the building for a few days which allowed us to hijack the blog again and let you know what we've been up to.

2 months later, and I think we are officially settled in and loving our new family. We stay outside for most of the day and when the humans come home they play with us, feed us dinner, and take us on a walk around our neighborhood. We sure do love that walk outside our compound yard.

We are not normally allowed in any other room of the house except the great room; however, the humans sometimes forget to put up the gate that keeps us out of the rest of the house. We love to make a mad dash down the hall and find our way into their sleeping dens. Alas, we are usually quickly captured and returned to our proper area. Drats!

Allie got the thrill of her life when the boy let her stay in his room for a while. Lucky dog.

Sometimes we get a little bored outside. What's a dog to do? How about this:

I am Sophie, Queen of the Woooooorld! I bet the humans won't leave the chairs out from the table again. Of course, I won't get up there again. Do you know how HIGH it is up there??? I was scared to death and needed assistance getting down.

We love the patio's a great place for a nap and also for hiding under when we are playing Hide-N-Seek. You won't believe just how comfortable those chair cushions are! They rank right up there with a Tempur-pedic bed. We could lounge on them all day:

That is, if the Alpha-Dog ever puts them back on the chairs.

Until next time, we are still Sophie and Allie.


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Oh my word..they are getting bigger...already!! They're just so stinkin' beautiful too. (Sorry about those cushions!) ;-)