Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chucky's Creepy Canopy

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend for a 20th college reunion. I absolutely love making the pilgrimage back to my alma mater for a weekend of festivities. There was a lot of squealing, hugging, reminiscing, picture taking, and endless laughing!

I spent the weekend with a group of friends at a local Bed and Breakfast. The house was absolutely amazing and the grounds were beautiful in their Spring colors:

However, I had a couple of issues with ye ol' creepy Southern mansion!

EXHIBIT A: After my arrival, I made my way upstairs to the room I would be staying in all weekend. I immediately noticed these items sitting directly across from my room:

For whatever reason, this miniature doll play area absolutely gave me the creeps! I mean, seriously, check out the picture on the wall. Based on the bow alone, I'd swear that is Nellie Olsen's evil twin. Never mind the CREEPY doll she's holding in the photo. *shiver*

I'm not completely crazy because one of my friends said it reminded her of the Chucky movies of days gone by. *shudder*

EXHIBIT B: Check out the "Baron's Bedroom" bed, which required a 3-step stool to get ON the thing. I felt like Edith Ann in her rocking chair, "and that's the truth!"

The first night's bedtime conversation included idle chatter about how high this bed was off the ground. When we put our heads on the pillows and looked at the canopy top, my weekend roommate asked, "oooohhhh, do you think is what the inside of a coffin looks like?"

Ummm, I *think* so! What do YOU think:


Lynn Mitchell said...

HILARIOUS! But you know, it isn't Nellie Olsen you have to watch out for...Nancy Olsen was the freak. LOL.

The Source said...

Oooooohhhhh....my gosh! It so totally DOES look like the inside of a coffin! Eww. That's way beyond creepy. It's terrific that you got to have a fun reunion, but sleeping in that bed? With that doll in the room?? You're a brave woman!

jennifer said...

Creepy is right! I am not a doll person and I would have wigged out.

Glad you had fun otherwise :)