Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

Look who's back at the typewriter.....that's 80's talk for look who's back at the KEYBOARD.

I'm not sure why I always feel compelled to explain when I step back and take a break away from my Big Fat Greek Blog. I just do.

When I was encouraged to start this little corner of the Internet, I had no idea what I was doing or where I would go with this whole blog thing. I still have no clue what I am doing, but I am still here over 3 years later and 350+ posts. I even have over 70 followers, how cRaZY is that? Of course, I have no idea how many of those 74 followers actually read my posts. But I HAVE followers! Yesterday I logged in to find that I had lost 1 follower and for some reason it hurt my feelings.

I'll be honest, sometimes I think about shutting this place down.....wondering if anybody in the blog-o-sphere would actually miss the GRITS place. But, ya' know, I didn't exactly create this space with anybody else in mind. I never dreamed that if I "built" it, "they" would come. Through this blog I have met so many people from, literally, all over the world....some of whom I have met in real life and others I hope to meet one day. The blog world is a huge place, filled to the brim with some very wonderful people. If you don't know it....click on some of my blog links in the sidebar for a start.

This space was initially created for family members to keep up with us and somehow it turned into a place for me to foster my slightly creative side. When I say creative, I sure as heck don't mean grammatically correct, hanging on the edge of your seat, or thought provoking writings. My middle and high school English teachers would shudder to hear that I was writing material that other people actually read. My book reports and term papers often looked like someone turned a toddler with a red ink pen loose on them . But those memories didn't stop me from blogging....no siree! I have overcome the wrath of the red pen, because I'm strong like that.

If it's not blatantly obvious, humor plays a HUGE role in my life. I really like to make people laugh and I LOVE to laugh. Too bad "funny" is not on the spiritual gift list, but would it be bold for me to call it my ministry? People tell me I am funny. My mother thinks I should write books like Erma Bombeck.....which cracks me up! Besides, she's my mom and she's required to say stuff like that. (I love you, Mom) However, I wouldn't say I am the funniest person on Earth; but, I do like to incorporate humor in almost every aspect of my life on a daily basis.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life in the medical field both as Critical Care Nurse and now as a Nurse Anesthetist. My job can be VERY stressful. I have seen and dealt with a lot of heaviness and sadness on a regular basis. For me, humor is every bit a part of my uniform as much as my ID badge. I have been known to lighten the mood before surgery by telling a male patient, "I think you will be very pleased with your breast implants!"

This blog is just another outlet for me.....a place where laughing is the rule of the land most days. I might not be here regularly and you might not even notice. You know what? That's ok with me.

I don't really have a personal mission statement, but if I did it would have something to do with using humor to bring a smile to at least one person's face each day.


Jenny86753oh9 said...

You know what...I sincerely feel that Humor is a gift...a Spiritual one, indeed. And yes, you have it!! That's why I come by as often as I can. You lift me up, you make me think, and you most definitely crack me up. It was a God thing when I met you at Blissdom. Period.

Lianne said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I've especially enjoyed the posts about the new pup-monsters lately. You crack me up on here and on Facebook. Keep on doing what you do!

Cheryl said...

I feel the same and I only have 24 followers. But the few that I met in blog land have been a joy. So I continue to type.

I for one really enjoy your writings and pics. I'm to work in the medical field and we do need our laughs.

Andrea said...

I read it!! It's HU-LARIOUS! I too get sad when I think no one is reading my blog, or when I haven't added a follower. I'm sure it would hurt my feelings if I lost a follower!

I think you're right, maybe we should petition God to add humor as a spiritual gift?

Irene said...

Oh, that was certainly one of your best posts. All this "platform building" stuff, sounds so absurd to my sentimental Greek soul. Tactics and strategies in what is personal and fun, and entails human communication? What next? A blogometron? I feel nice and comfortable here, and I hope that you feel a little bit the same with my blog. I have thought about closing down the place(s) myself. But then I thought about moving to Australia. And Argentina. And heard sheep in my husband's village. It's all part of the life flow. And that was one piece of internet self-help jargon for you!
Hope we stick together in here and make laughing stock of the technocrats!

jennifer said...

It DOES hurt when followers disappear. I always blame myself - if I had more time to read other blogs then I wouldn't lose followers. Weird huh?

You rock humor. I love a good quip and you are a gifted quipper. It's nice that you have such a bright smile - it's an all round happy place here at GRITS.

Keep it up. And one day, I want to meet you "in real life" :)