Monday, July 21, 2008

got crabs?

Sorry, I do realize the title of my post is a bit questionable but most appropriate to the topic at hand. I guess I’ll be getting a few extra hits on my blog site courtesy of Google searches.

Today I am going to highlight Lego-Man’s favorite activity from our trip to the beach. And tomorrow we’ll highlight the Princess’ favorite activity…..hint, it involves a boat and looking for dolphins.

Apparently when I was young and went to the beach, the daily festivities were pretty much over when the sun went down. However, there is more to the beach after the sun goes down than my folks wanted me to know about. And it does not require a chaperone, just a flashlight and a bucket. My sister and nephews got to visit for a couple of days and participated in the fun.


Looking for the little crab critters


Got a small one


Our “deadliest catch”


The Crab Boss

If you’ve never participated in this after dark fun, the rules are simple:

  1. Use flashlight to locate the crab critters
  2. Chase the critters down
  3. Put critter in sand bucket, because you can
  4. WATCH OUT FOR PRE-DUG HOLES IN SAND (maybe that should be #1)
  5. Look in everyone else’s bucket along the way
  6. Ceremonial release of critters before leaving the beach. Usually a simultaneous “BE FREE” is shouted.
  7. Beg to go back again tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

We will have crabs next week in Orange Beach!!

Joanna said...

Are those the "ghost crabs"? We can never catch them boogers, they are way too fast!

Of course it could be because this family is too lazy to run after them! : )

Kendrawolf said...

It looks like they had fun! By the way, I have an award for you. Come by my blog and pick it up!!

Anonymous said...

is that any thing like snipe hunting???hugs and Blessings

Beachy Mimi said...

That was fun! I love chasing the little critters. I miss the beach.