Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motown Madness

*WARNING* American Idol post follows.

We are now down to the Top 10. This is what I have been waiting for and will once again participate in live American Idol blogging. For your enjoyment, or not.

This week AI celebrates Motown! Woo-hoo! I must admit I do love some Motown hits and they got me through some LONG rides home during my college years. Nothing passes the time more quickly than a little “Stop in the Name of Love” complete with perfectly timed choreography….because I have both singing and dancing skillz (while driving only).

This weeks celebrity helper is Smokey Robinson. Ya’ think his eyes are really blue? Or is that green? And, wow, his skin is so, ummm, tight? And his teeth are so white and perfect. Moving on….

Matt-- Let’s Get It On”. He’s trying to put a good spin on a classic song. He looks like he’s in pain while attempting those high notes. I think his tight jeans may be helping him hit those notes. Shriek, Paula made a comment about “great, worn in jeans”??? The judges loved him, I did not.

Kris—”How Sweet It Is”. One of my favorite sing-a-long in the car songs. He sure is a cutie patootie and I really think he can sing. However, ADD girl is fixated on his shirt that looks like some sort of German military-prison camp shirt…complete with a set of numbers across each collar bone. Good performance. He is safe.

Scott-- “You Can’t Hurry Love”. He’s clearly most comfortable at the piano, but it all seems a bit karaoke-ish to me. And Paula “felt it”. Simon didn’t know how much more he could take. Randy thought it was the wrong song and Kara liked the rhythms (as she weirdly snapped and grooved in her chair). I thought it was just ok and I am worried about him moving on to next week.

*Insert weird moment where Paula dug under desk and handed Simon crayons and coloring books followed by calling him “childish”*

Megan—“For Once in My Life”. No doubt the girl has a set of pipes… and once again, ADD girl is mesmerized and distracted by that arm tattoo. Ooh, ooh, I think I saw a planet and a castle wall on it. Is that dress from the Carmen Miranda collection. Wow, that flower in her hair has sparkles…. Where was I? Not a good performance, all the judges agree. I think she just helped Scott stay one more week.

Anoop—“Ooo Baby Baby”. Zzzzzzzz…..*snore* I’m gonna’ need a little more pep from you my brotha’. His family is just the cutest. The judges think he’s had two good weeks but needs to turn it up next week. Glad to see the judges see things my way. I’m not sure he’ll be here next week.

Michael—“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. No doubt this boy can sing. Nothing too spectacular or bedazzling for me in his performance. The judges encouraged him to turn it up. His response, “I can sang”. I hope he gets a chance next week.

Lil Rounds—“Heat Wave”. Smokey said, “she could sing a phone book”. Girlfriend is looking good and man she can sing! Paula is standing and shaking it in her sausage casing dress….I hope there is a few second delay in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Yo’ Randy! Dawg, why you hatin’ on my girl??? I don’t care what the judges say…she’ll be back. And I think she’ll be in the top 3.

Adam—“Tracks of My Tears”. Just for the record, I think Smokey has had the tracks of his tears tightened a teensy weensy bit. Whoa, Adam’s hair is all slicked back like Bowser from Sha, Na, Na. I don’t really know how to rate a falsetto so I am leaving that alone. Kara gave him a standing O(vation). Paula thinks he cleans up nicely. Simon thinks he had THE best performance of the night. The Dawg agreed. Myeh, he’s not my style. But he did well.

Danny—“Get Ready”. Let me be clear here…he is my favorite. Winner, winner, chicken dinner (I’ve been dying to use that… *snicker*). BOO Simon for the “clumsy and amateurish” comment. Randy loved the “energy and feeling”. Kara is a “huge fan”. He will get my votes tonight.

Allison—“Papa was a Rolling Stone”. It’s hard to believe this girl is 16 years old with such a awesome voice. She’s good folks. And I’m certain me wearing those stiletto heels would involve a trip to the nearest emergency room. The judges loved her and think she is amazing. I have to agree.

Top Three: Lil Rounds, Danny, Allison

Bottom Three: Scott, Megan, Anoop

Going home: Anoop

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I adore Danny. Simply adore him. And Megan's tattoo... err... still looks painful.

littletoesandcheerios said...

Gotta love Danny!
Smokey is one freaky looking guy!
I liked Adam last week and this week I was like Whaaaaaaaaat was that??

Smoochiefrog said...

Megan's tattoo scares me. Adam's hair tonight scared me. And Megan totally needs to go home before Anoop. Totally.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You had me at winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Great review!

The Source said...

Ok now you've got me wanting to pay attention to American Idol next week...but I'm already watching Dancing with the Stars because Shawn Johnson and that cowboy bull-rider are doing so well...what to do, what to do??