Monday, March 2, 2009

The real deal


The Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive”


We asked and we received….finally.




Sorry.  *regaining composure*



The last time we had an accumulation of snow, it was 1997, and our family looked like this:



The hubby and I had four-legged, furry “children” and I was wearing “mom” jeans.


Indulge me here, please. 


This was my kids first “big” snow.  Yes, I used the word BIG for 3” of snow.

No snickering from you folks in the North. 

The most excitement we get from weather in these parts is Spring tornadoes and Summer hurricanes.  We are encouraged by our local meteorologists to have a “weather plan” that involves a “safe place”. 

But every winter, we are occasionally teased with the “S” word.  Which usually involves a trip to the grocery store for bread and milk.  Seriously.  I guess everyone dines on bread sandwiches with a side of milk.  I have never understood it, but it’s the truth. 

Snow reports always get the kids get excited and then NOTHING happens.  Then you have to explain that meteorologists are human and make weather mistakes, and snow in the South is very rare.

However,  today I present you with the GRITS family blizzard snow pictures from 2009:


P3010035    P3010045




P3010063 P3010067






P3010062 P3010069



And, for your viewing pleasure, I videotaped the making of their very first snow angels:


Snow Angels


(FYI- this video was taken in our first trip out at 7AM….the angels were actually covered up by the time we went back out at 11AM)


Thanks for indulging me….


We now return to our regularly scheduled weather.  Highs in the 70’s by the end of the week. 


Valarie Lea said...

We got some snow, and our church was one that did not cancel so we go to church. Snow is everywhere the wind is blowing it everywhere, and then when we left church, there was nothing, no snow. It was gone that quick, and we had a pretty good bit too. :(

Mike Golch said...

that is the funny part,celbrating3" of snow.I still like making snow angels.except it is too hard hawling my 295lbs of blubber up from the ground.

Muthering Heights said...

I love the little snowman...they must have had so much fun!

Leigh said...

LOve those pictures!!!! What fun!

“mom” jeans...snort, snort...LOL.

Jenny said...

I can appreciate the snow pics! I grew up in Texas and moved to one of the few places less likely to get snow...

I love the pictures! What fun!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Since your family had such a last I won't complain any more! Promise:0) Great pictures!

littletoesandcheerios said...

We have had plenty of snow and ice here. I'm sooo glad you all got to enjoy. I would frame those with the dates...too cool.

Kathleen said...

We had a ball with the snow up here in Plantersville, but I didn't want it to melt so quick.