Monday, September 29, 2008

Spirit Week 2008

It’s a big week for the kiddos at school this week.  Every year, the week of homecoming is called “Spirit Week”.  Now, I’m not sure other schools around the country do this, but I know my school did when I was growing up.  I have a distinct memory of Backwards Day.  No pictures, just memories.  Anywhoo…..

The Senior Class chooses a theme for each day leading up to Friday’s game.  Today’s theme…….”Twinkie Day”.  i.e. dress up like somebody else.  Why it’s not called twin day I will never know! 

The Princess also felt the need to explain to me, “It’s spelled like twin-kie, but it’s not.  It’s TWEE-kie Day, you don’t really say the N”.  Ohhhhhh, thank you sweetie.

I became less of a fan of Twinkie Day Friday night when my son’s scheduled “Twinkie” called and said he would be twinning up with a boy in another class.  We almost had tears people.  Which nearly inspired me to write the Headmaster a letter to ban future Twinkie Days.  But I didn’t.  I faced the conflict head on. 

*DING* That’s when your GRITS hostess came up with her own plan.  I immediately got on the Internet and found this with the Google image ripper:




Next, I went to a local office supply store and bought some iron-on paper for the printer.  Followed by a trip to Old Navy for a couple of Ringer tees.





Happy Customers and Twinkies for the Day:



They are determined to get “awards” for their costumes, so stay tuned all week for more Spirit Week fun!  It’s gonna be good! Very good.


Ashley @ said...

Now that is downright adorable...and clever too!

The Source said...

Great idea! They look very happy to have such a creative mom to rescue their day! I hope Spirit Week is awesome.

My daughter used to be such a Twinkie-nut that we actually nicknamed her "Twink" for a few years. Of course she'd smother me in my sleep if I called her that now. :)

Shannon ( said...

Way to use your noggin and avoid a potential twinkie crisis!
You should be proud of yourself!

jennifer said...

If I sent my kids to you would you raise them? Because you are an AWESOME mom!!! I am so impressed with your idea and the way you handled the near tearful experience.


Teresa said...

Very cute. And now I suddenly have a craving.

This is our spirit week too! And guess who has to dress up? Yeah. I'm thrilled. You can look for all sorts of humiliating photos of me later in the week. : )

Beachy Mimi said...

Amazing idea! Way to avoid a major crisis.

Valarie said...

Look at you! Those are way to cute!!!