Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

This past weekend marked the end of Upward flag football season. I can’t say that we are especially sad about it around the GRITS house. With practice on both Monday and Tuesday nights and games on Saturday, we are ready to get a few days back in our week. For more important things like ALABAMA FOOTBALL homework and family time.

So, here’s a few highlight photos of our season:


Lego-Man, aka Too-Tall


Look at him go!



“It’s too hot”




The Princess brown nosing with the guy in stripes….she calls him daddy. Folks on the sidelines call him ref.



And the greatest regret of the season, occurred this weekend. Time was almost out and the referee told the Coach of the Princess’ team he had time for one last play.

The kids met in the huddle for a few seconds then they all got on the line. The ball was hiked and handed to my little Princess. The boys all surrounded her and she took off down the field, across toward the sideline and then headed to the end zone…….. TOUCHDOWN PRINCESS!!

It was unbelievable and the crowd went WILD! Her coach picked her up and spun her around, and all the boys surrounded her.

What? Did I get a photo of her 100 20 yard run. You bet your bippy I was right there with my camera ready. See:


Ahem, excuse me Mr. Ref, do you think you could have waited to swing your arm down???

Good thing I am fast on the shutter:


Well, there she is and there she went!



Leigh said...

COngratualtions! A big moment! Woot!

Valarie said...

Oh how funny! That is so awesome that she got a touchdown! Way to go Princess!

Drama Mama said...

Way to go! Soccer has just started for us- Games every Sat am!

Leslie said...

Do you guys to upward basketball, too?