Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've created a monster

True conversation in my car yesterday after school:

Caleb: "I am SO thirsty and Dad doesn't put a water bottle in my lunch box anymore"

Me: "Where is your new water bottle I bought for you to have at school?"

Caleb: "It's in my backpack"

Me: "Is it empty?"

Caleb: "No ma'am"

Me: "So drink the water out of your bottle" (thinking DUH!)

Caleb: "I can't, it fell out of my backpack and the top and sides touched the floor. I am NOT drinking out of that!"

My husband will tell you straight up that I am totally responsible for creating this little monster-- the perfect germophobe! Now, in my head, I am thinking what is wrong with this?? I am a nurse for crying out loud, I live and breathe amongst the germs.

I guess this all began with our simple hand washing lessons as a little boy. Fine, I am not ashamed that my kids wash their hands like little nurses. Get the paper towel ready to tear before turning on the water. Then wash hands followed by turning the sink off and opening the bathroom door with the used paper towel. I suspect this training has led to other obsessive compulsive behaviors by the son (because Madison could care less about a germ). It is often overheard in our house, "Madison, that has germs!" Caleb's stock portfolio will include hand sanitizer and liquid soap!

I am going to share a few of my favorite germophobic moments of Caleb: (yes, I realize that sounds a bit sick)

While at a Chinese buffet, Caleb was unrolling his silverware when his fork flies flew out and landed on the table top. He screams "aaaaaccckkkkkk", when dad asked what was wrong he said, "the fork touched the table". I got a loving glare from the hubby and Caleb got a new fork.

Now that he is 8, I thought it was as good a time as any for Caleb to learn how to clean his toilet. After all, I am the Queen Germophobe and I was sick of cleaning the pee off the toilet seat. Sooo, I got out the clorox wipes and gave him the step by step, he returned the demonstration while daintily holding the wipe and a scowl on his face. I explained to him how the pee got there and told him he could continue cleaning it if he was going to make the mess. I must say, the toilet has been a bit cleaner!

If you ever get the privilege of eating with our family, you can watch Caleb and notice that he will have a little pile that is off by itself. That would be any of the food that fell off his plate during the meal. Meanwhile, you will see Madison eating food off the table, out of the chair and at one time off the floor.

Ok, ok, now that I've put this in print and read it, I see I've created a monster. But he's my little monster and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Everybody needs a little monster in their life, don't they? Now excuse me please while I go wash my hands.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

At least you have a balance with one kid who will eat off the floor! :)

I can't get over how beautiful your kids are.

Ceci said...

I'm not what you might call a germophobe, but I have two boys. I have gifted them with the responsibility of cleaning the toilets...but...and this is where I fear I've gone over to the bad side...I equipped them with latex gloves and Clorox wipes!

Stopped by to check out your organizational tip...do your kids really keep the stuff in the bins???