Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pre-Easter Activities

(Yes, I am writing this on Easter day, but do to circumstances beyond my control I had to postpone my composing!)

We crammed a lot of activities into our Saturday before Easter. The fuzzy headed son HAD to have a hair cut or I was just going to do it myself. And the princess got the while-we-are-here trim. After that we headed to our favorite store, Super Target, for some last minute items.

We began the Easter festivities with good ol' fashioned egg dying. *sigh* I must admit, this is one thing I always dread. It seems like this activity gets out of hand quicker than I can react....hence, the spilling of the PINK vinegar-water all over the counter! Oh yes, I must make a note to self have to shrink the little plastic sleevie thing in the hot water BEFORE you dye the egg!

This year I decided to do something new with the kids. We made Resurrection Cookies. Now that the kids are a little older and have a little more understanding, I thought this would be a fun activity. I had each of them with their Bible and they took turns reading the passages. I think we all enjoyed the story and making the cookies.

Somehow our priorities this Easter morning were a bit off, but after checking out what the Easter bunny brought, we then checked out our cookies. They almost turned out, but the message was clear. Christ rose from the dead and the tomb was empty!

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Heather said...

I love the pics of you and Jim w/ the kids! I can't wait to dye eggs w/ Jackson...seeing the pics of the kiddos reminded me of how much I love it myself, lol. We're praying for your friend..hope things are getting better for her.