Thursday, March 6, 2008

Week in review......

It's been a pretty busy week here, I guess for me more than anyone else. I worked the 3-11 shift on Monday, then a regular morning shift on Tuesday and I was on call in the hospital 24 hours on Wednesday. So, I feel like I haven't been at home at all. Thankfully I wasn't up all night last night, so I got a few things done today. Actually, the few things I got done involved catching up on American Idol and Little People Big didn't expect me to do housework on my day off. I'm pacing myself, I don't have to go back to work until next Thursday!

My quick thoughts on American Idol are 1.) the boys are definitely better than the girls, 2.) David Archuleta should win and 3.) Danny Noriega must go, his appearance alone leads to awkward questions by the kids. We are NOT ready for that in our house, what about you??

The warm weather has been so nice and I was thoroughly looking forward to our first weekend sans Upward activities. Sadly, it's supposed to start raining tomorrow and be FREEZING on Saturday! So, my plans of cleaning out our storage room are postponed. *sigh*

Tonight I did a very fun thing with a friend, her mom and some of her friends from work. We went to a place in Birmingham called Meals in the Making. I think it is a local operation, but it should be me. I chose the meals I wanted to fix when I signed up for the class two weeks ago. When we arrived we got our aprons and went to work. There were stations set up to prepare each entrée, the prep-work had already been done. All I had to do was follow detailed instructions to prepare the meal and place it in take home containers. I made some new friends, had warm chocolate chip cookies and my freezer is full of meals that just need to be cooked. It was awesome, and I didn't even have to wear a hairnet!

Happy weekend y'all!

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